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  1. Great approach shot of a great airport. Cheers Graeme
  2. Nice effects Sherm. Brave, dedicated souls indeed. Cheers Graeme
  3. Wow - missed this one Emmsie. A superb capture. What aircraft is this? Cheers Graeme
  4. That's me in "C". Always pushing the rudder pedals the wrong way for a crosswind landing!
  5. Happy birthday Ian, hope you had a good day! Cheers mate Graeme
  6. They're cheap Gerold. That's the whole point I may be biased......I have a cousin who is FO flying A320's around OZ. My experience with them has always been as expected...and if my flight is less than 3 hours i will pay for my muffin %)
  7. That's a great shot that I'm sure those who have visited can relate to. Cheers Graeme
  8. An icon of our hobby Scott. Great set - I'm sure she'll make a grand appearance in MSFS fairly soon from QW. Cheers Graeme
  9. You've converted Tim! Great weather to show off. Terrific shots mate. Cheers Graeme
  10. Great shots from the "V" key Mike ......all of them crackers! Cheers Graeme
  11. Happy Birthday for the 14th Rodger. Glad you let us know. If we forget next year it's your fault! Cheers Graeme
  12. There’s a sunset or two.........it must be Carlos. Great looking shots Carlos! Cheers Graeme
  13. Great shots of your trip to the Apple Isle Gerold. Cheers Graeme
  14. Have a great birthday Holger, try stay warm or have a tipple to warm you up. Cheers Graeme
  15. That's a great set Gerold. You've really captured the feel of Victoria. Cheers Graeme
  16. It looks awesome at night Adam. Great set. Cheers Graeme
  17. Wow Jan, these are awesome shots. Glad you shared them. Cheers Graeme
  18. That must look awesome on your 55” screen Carlos. Great set mate! Cheers Graeme
  19. Nice shots Pete. XP certainly has a lot left in it. Cheers Graeme
  20. These are superb Carlos! Thank you for sharing. Cheers Graeme
  21. Great captures, must look amazing in VR. Cheers Graeme
  22. Great shots to show it off! Cheers Graeme
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