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  1. Wow! So real Dolf, great shots. Cheers Graeme
  2. Happy birthday Mitch if you're perusing the forum. Hope you're enjoying the Tassie winter mate. Cheers Graeme
  3. Hi Derek. Had a similar experience on my wife's birthday. Got her perfume only to be told she already has enough and why did I do that? Then I remembered she wanted a CD but I couldn't recall the artist she wanted and took a punt on Ed Sheeran forgetting she already has him on her iPhone. Do you think I could remember what it was she originally hinted that she fancied for her special day? Perfume? No. Ed? No. Feeling a tad desperate and closer to the cold shoulder it came to me . Shift CW. CURLY WURLY!! Birthday rescued and me making a perfect cheap landing. It's perfume on anniversaries and chocolate on birthdays. D'oh! Cheers Graeme
  4. Real beauties Scott. Cheers Graeme
  5. You're as happy as the proverbial pig in mud Dario. Great shots! Cheers Graeme
  6. Happy birthday Dolf. Have an good one mate. Cheers Graeme
  7. Turning the lights off.....why didn't I think of that? Great set Jack! Cheers Graeme
  8. Happy birthday mate! Cheers Graeme
  9. Thanks for the educational trip Gerold. Great shots. Cheers Graeme
  10. I feel your joy. Great shots mate! Cheers Graeme
  11. Opion free forum mate. That's an awesome comic strip. More please .......... When u have the time. Cheers Graeme
  12. Jack. No TV or movies? Respect to you. I bet you're happy. G
  13. Ha ha. Well done mate. I know these take some time to create. But i always know i need to peruse them. Muchly appreciate your talent. Thank you Jack the Lad. Ps. You've never seen Shawshank Redemption? Cheers Graeme
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