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  1. Thanks Nick, I was concerned that it might want to charge again. I'll go to it.
  2. It says sync successful but greyed out products only show the oprion to "Install".... YMML shows in the sim just fine except for pic above
  3. I thought that's where they were already Nick
  4. Last week asked if I could transfer my Orbx library from my hard drive to a external drive, answer was yes so as I already had the LIBRARY on a hard drive for my lap top. It didn't seem to want to play so I re-directed Central to my hard drive, I now have two problems. 1. In Central all files show as grey except for TE Washington and SODE, both of which were added recently. 2. There has been a siesmice event very close to YMML. I have tried Sync Simulator, no change to greyed out files and checked the main library path which shows the correct location with 290.5GB of file
  5. Thanks but my main thought is can I transfer my Orbx library ffrom my PC drive to an external drive ? I don't fancy downloading them all again.
  6. I thinking about buying an external SSD, would I be able to transfer my Orbx Library from my PC to this SSD ? I have P3D on my PC and also on my lap top for travelling and wondered if I could then use the SSD for both computers.
  7. Thanks POLYMERMAN, copied your setting, now I see plenty of Sode jetways but still no terminal buildings
  8. Other AU non Orbx airports are fine but this is what I see at Sydney with AU v2.
  9. That fixed it Doug thanks for the tip, I checked my other AU airports and none were activated for AU v2 terrain, I had not noticed a problem at any other AU airport (and I have a few), this morning I checked YWOL before posting this issue and the runway lines were fine. Bernie I did check the P3D folder for another YBTH entry a while back but saw nothing.
  10. I've had this issue with the runway at Bathurst for a while, this morning I updated Australia V2, verifed the files and also verified the files for ORBX YBTH but there was no change, very blurred lines and number. The airport buildings etc are all fine. Any help appreciated. PS: Frame rate locked at 25.
  11. Oh dear, re my OP I didn't realise that my aged TV screen could no longer reproduce decent colours, I have since up graded to a 4k monitor and am very please with the result. What I didn't realise also was that images that showed as awful on my screen would look OK when opened on a decent screen, hence replies saying they looked OK. Oh well we live and learn, albeit slowly, this is somewhere in Spain with Open Land class EU on the new screen.
  12. I guess I've never seen it before in the flight sim Nick, sorry to waste your time.
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