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  1. Having the crowded stands, measuring officials and marked landing area for the competition would be awesome!
  2. This is very much encouraging me to hurry up and get my PC working again!
  3. That was a fantastic book, wasn't it?
  4. I wouldn't mind it once, when I first go to the site, but every time I follow a link is irritating.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with both of these, they're the two places where I've done the most flying training in real life. Talkeetna especially would be a fantastic one, especially if it included the Denali base camp, Talkeetna village strip and maybe one of the local seaplane bases.
  6. Well, it's sort of the default. It says Friday Harbour in the Airports window, but you start in the air. I've never used the default flight for more than a few seconds when I first got FSX, so I don't know where the location is in relation to the airport.
  7. A long time ago, when there were still roadmaps, there was something about the next Alaska region being after Norway, BUT that was along time ago and plans my well have changed. I'm still hoping that's the plan, though. Denali National park really needs improvement! Actually, on that note, doing Talkeetna with Mt. McKinley would be kind of like the Monument Valley and Devils Tower national park sceneries, but it might be a bit bigger.
  8. A beautiful place, I agree, but I didn't think there was much at the airfield other than a small gravel strip. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. I'd like to vote for YADG (Aldinga), but it's not on the map. It does have a paved runway and has a lot of character!
  10. Not sure about a resort, but the Sawlty Dawg bar is out that way somewhere.
  11. And while you're at it, why not add Ketchikan onto the start of that list?
  12. I can personally vouch for Seward as an absolutely beautiful location in the summer and in the winter.
  13. My preferred settings depend on the type of flying I'm doing. When flying on a calm day below a thick, low overcast in PFJ, having the cloud reflections on a nearly wave-less water animation really makes a difference to the atmosphere...but I have to sacrifice something else (E.G. LOD radius) to get decent performance.
  14. Lake Hood Strip (in real life) also has a crossing like that, with railroad-crossing style lights that activate when a plane approaches, which is pretty neat!
  15. LOD is set to Large. I have trouble at some of the other airports I've bought as well, but I'm thinking about getting a better computer at some point.
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