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  1. the support helped me. It works now with Vector. Copy this file in \Prepar3D v5\SimMarket\Digital Design-Liverpool V2 P3Dv5\data\scenery EGGP_CVX_exl.bgl
  2. Hello 'm easily annoyed that they sell airports that are not compatible with their own products! The runway elevation is wrong in Liverpool. Yes, I have installed FTX Vector. What can you do there? Regards
  3. I just wanted to bring up the problem because you always provide good support.
  4. one person blames the other and the customer is left behind. Unfortunately I did not make a video and had no stutters with a cleanly installed P3D V5 latest version without Orbx. After I installed FTX Global the problem was there. Well then there is nothing you can do. Too bad.
  5. good that something is wrong, we now know Can you possibly provide a fix for FTX Global and openlc users? As I said yes, the bug does not exist under FTX England and True Earth.
  6. Edit : on a cleanly installed system without Orbx you have no stutters there. as soon as FTX Global is installed, you have the problem! therefore ask again for examination and solution. the joke is, installing true earth the bug is fixed. but would like to use the combination of ftx global and openlc for various reasons. that had never been a problem before.
  7. the current solution is to set the effects to low. if you have another one for us, please let me know. Many Thanks.
  8. yes but the problem is there. I think there is a conflict between Orbx and the new version p3d. Please test this time and you will have the stutters. A friend of mine also confirmed it. He also only installed ftx global and openlc europe.
  9. Hi there Since the latest P3D 5.1 version, I and other friends have noticed that the bug in and around clacton is now, funnily enough, only with openlc! Unfortunately, the file only helps with installed ftx vector. It would be nice if we could get a solution for this now. Many Thanks
  10. Hello the plane jumps on the taxiway shown. The elevation doesn't seem right there! In this Area only installed Orbx FT Global anf openlc. Vector is uninstalled. The insert point is set to Randolph AFB. Could someone please test it. A friend of mine has the same problem and pointed it out to me. Thank you.
  11. Also ask here again how can I adjust the street color? Find this a little too red for Europe. Anyone have an idea what I could do there? FTX Global Base/openlc Europe P3DV5 latest Version
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