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  1. Also ask here again how can I adjust the street color? Find this a little too red for Europe. Anyone have an idea what I could do there? FTX Global Base/openlc Europe P3DV5 latest Version
  2. Hi Frank entferne mal falls vorhanden das FreemeshX! Das hatte bei mir zum ctd geführt! Seitdem ich es nicht mehr nutze ist Ruhe.
  3. that's stupid where Orbx but wants to be perfect always. Such errors may not be my opinion, but the addons cost too much. If you are working on the problem?
  4. it looks strange anyone have an explanation for this? Addons FTX Global Base openLC Europa HD Trees see Appendix
  5. Hello, why are you fiddling around with the elevation data? Vectors such rivers, kustenlinien, roads etc represent. I'm really pissed
  6. Hi, you need there still fs global 2010? Vector seems also adjust the elevation model. Best Regards
  7. Das Problem habe ich auch. Super Arbeit. Danke Frank auch für Madeira. @JV: Hoffe doch, dass bald EU German kommt:-) hope that comes soon EU German.
  8. Nice Shot and the Lights looks fantastic. What for a REX Theme or Set is this? Greetings Ben
  9. correctly and thanks again for the great addon. Many greetings from Germany Ben
  10. I reinstalled it again and it's back. greeting Ben
  11. everything already tried that are not there anymore Vector Road Lights! That's the problem right there, and I suspect the bug. I would probably refreshen so many Mr Venema said that but you can only if you have other Orbx products. Now since your turn )
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