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  1. I have a similar issue. I have tried to download five times and each time it gets to about 51.4gb of download out of 53.84gb and then freezes................with about 12979 files converted. Extremely frustrating as it has effectively stopped me using my machine for 24 hours. I have tried all the fixes suggested
  2. Currently getting 40-50 fps with all settings maxed out flying the A2A cub It is a huge improvement....
  3. I have US Oregon HD up to version 1.1.0 but everytime I open Orbx Central it shows it greyed out and says install....... The same with Skagit and Orcas Island airports. No issues with other scenery for X-Plane Rod
  4. Same problem FTX tells me i need to transfer my licence from FSS but I never purchased X-Plane Orbx products from them and the wbsite won't let me manually download. This has happened before?
  5. I flew over the Peak District and it was superb. I recognised all my favourite walking areas. This scenery has moved me to use X plane when before it was rarely loaded up. Looking forward to exploring more. Thank you Orbx a great product
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