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  1. Town Site Drome - Alice Springs

    Thanks for the feedback. It could've put a bit more effort into it but unfortunately I couldn't find any actual 3D termite mounds in the libraries that I used.
  2. Hello everyone, these are a few shots I took of Town Site Drome which is a now closed aerodrome in Alice Springs. I have made the airstrip myself but the photoreal is provided by Orbx's amazing YBAS Alice Springs Airport. I came across it while doing research for a book so I decided that a might "spruce" it up a little bit. Downhill approach, here. Dangerous, indeed! Almost down! That grass is awfully long! Engine cut and parked up near some clutter... After looking around, I decided to taxi back to the threshold and leave. Full power and bouncing off the uneven runway, half a foot in the air! Up, up and away! Thanks for looking. You can download (and I recommend that you do) at the OZx downloads section. Search up "Town Site Drome v2". In case you can't find it, here's the link: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/3816-town-site-drome-v2/ Frank
  3. Alaska Q400 Emergency Landing

    LOL, there must be bug within the Q400, or those tyres are bigger than they seem...
  4. Looks awesome, think you could show some shots of New Caledonia? I remember that being really bland in FSX.
  5. Landing at Starke

    Thanks Mitch, the paint isn't much, just a change of registration really.
  6. Landing at Starke

    Landing at Starke Field by OZX in Townsville, North Queensland in my Foxbat with a repaint that I did myself (repaint is here: http://aussiex.org/f...s-a-22-24-7700/). I wish ORBX would do some scenery around this area...there are lots of nice bush strips with a sense of atmosphere. I could name 6 right now in the Townsville area that don't even exist in FSX, I'm telling you! Shame, because Townsville is a real black spot in FSX in terms of scenery. We've only got Starke Field and the main airport recreated in FSX, but there is lots more to do. It really is GA heaven here considering the amount of airstrips there are...However, I'll stop my rant...Here is the shot: Regards, Frank.
  7. I would love if ORBX did a rendition of Dunsfold Aerodrome where the TopGear test track is. Also a rendition of the MI6 headquarters in London would be a good visual landmark...oh, and for those wannabe James Bonds..LOL.
  8. Gas prices

    Looks like all that photoshop editing eventually paid off, didn't it? LOL
  9. McDonald's - Too Many!

    LOL there's another Australian one called Red Rooster too that are owned by the same company that owns Oporto. You can see some of them from the air with their giant rooster on a pole...
  10. Gyrocopter madness!

    Here is the link: http://uploading.com/files/8d298bf2/autogyro-1.zip/
  11. Gyrocopter madness!

    Thanks Iain, I appreciae it!
  12. Australian Airports

    Townsville has already been done but there is new Aerometrex imagery that ORBX is allowed to use that is very high res so a high-resolution remake would be awesome with a ground poly apron and improved buildings.
  13. Gyrocopter madness!

    You wouldn't believe this, but today a pair of gyrocopters passed over at 50 feet or so along the beach where a friend's house is. They always fly over every weekend for research (the Australian Institute of Marine Science). This influenced me replicate this occurrence with a screenshot... Frank
  14. bad news...

    UPDATE: Unfortunately out of all six people on the aircraft, there are no survivors. This is very tragic.
  15. bad news...

    Yes I've just found out recently also... The rescue efforts of the 16 aircraft are astounding, though. Luckily for them the weather cleared up today.