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  1. Disregard. I'm a dumb-ass. I forgot that I'd previously turned the KSAN package off.
  2. Updated to new KSAN version with SoCal installed. NAS North Island (KNZY) is covered with buildings but is notable for the wide open spaces Ran the Settings terrain update after installation but....
  3. The aircraft is relatively simple for the pilot; it is after all only single-engine aircraft with a fixed-pitch prop, the gear is down and welded, and she has no flaps. The study-level complexity is the developer's problem, but his effort means we get the most realistic performance possible from the flight model, engine, lubrication, and electrical system (it has fuses not circuit breakers and, yes, they do blow if, say, you crank the engine too long). The caramel-colored oil will even change color as you put hours on the engine and the carbon turns it black! The big bi
  4. Had some fun making a speed run from Seattle to San Diego with help from the jet stream. Forecast was 100kts right on the tail, and I did compute a ground speed of 260kt just west of the Sierras. After the flight, I shared this picture to a Facebook group of real pilots that I belong to. Thanks to ORBX terrain most assumed it was a real aircraft and a real photo, so I wrote the following:
  5. I'd love it if in a future update you could add the sign on the Pemberton & Sons hangar. Flew up on the Wing42 Vega and found their JRF and the Boeing 40 they restored out front, but the hangar was nondescript. Don't get me wrong, though. I LOVE this field, especially the art deco terminal and clock.
  6. Wow, tough decision. Many excellent images. At least ten deserve honorable mention! #33 gets my vote.
  7. The stunning new Vega 5C by Vitus at Wing 42 over the Deception Pass Bridge, a lovely feature in the Anacortes package. More delicious ORBX art and this bird here .
  8. Good composition ideas at https://antongorlin.com/blog/seascape-photography-ultimate-guide/#composition
  9. You didn't get much feedback on this, except I thought it looked amazingly real. Let me jump in with some more thoughts, but hopefully others will contribute too. To my eye, the tarmac dominates the image and the horizon line splits it uncomfortably. Maybe crop it like this? I know you were trying to show the details that often aren't shown and you've done that very well. I especially like the chipped paint on the barricade post. But the left side of the image is awfully cluttered. I'm not sure what the grey thing is behind the red cart, they're both very
  10. For my contest entry I'm tempted to go back reshoot the Spad, or at least the setting using the advice everyone has offered here. Maybe an A-6 instead of the A-1? I like this one, but it's boring. An airplane flying. Big deal. This is better, but only because the boards are out. It would be more interesting in a dive, dropping bombs. (Hmmm, I could do that with TacPac) In any case, they both have an odd color cast. Not sure what that's all about. This one is the best of the three, I think, but it doesn't show any of the
  11. Actually I have P3D4 (and P3D3, for that matter) but went back to FSX because I didn't want to have to buy new versions of many packages I have. I know many are compatible, but after giving P3D a good go, when I had to rebuild my system I went back to FSX. I do find that a bit odd, since I am an early adopter by nature, but.... One of these days I'll try P3D again and perhaps my views will have changed. Thank you for the encouragement! Hmmm, I have it and gave up in frustration. I will try again and make a point of reading the manual thoroughly. Thank you, too
  12. @CBPilot Totally agree, Rupert; this isn't a discussion that will end with us all agreeing on an answer. I'm enjoying the feedback, though, and hope everyone else comes away with something useful, too. You suggest that a screenshot that's been processed is no longer a screen shot. I tend to agree, but don't know where to draw the line. If I just crop a screenshot is it now something else? If I adjust the contrast or saturation or add some vignette? Seems to me that's all OK, but if I add content (other aircraft, runway spray, etc), or if I remove a tree or person
  13. Wow! That didn't take long! We already have some very helpful and interesting opinions. Comments on my image seems to cluster around the bland background and the fact that its an over-all boring shot. Clouds, haze, or morning fog would indeed have made it more interesting. I did think the blurry background added an impression of speed as Fred suggests, but it was a so-called blurry produced by my old system not keeping up and not the result of post processing. (*Which raises a question, see below.) In introspect what I was creating was a situation that meant a lot to me
  14. No apologies required here! Say what you think. Thanks for your views! Helpful!
  15. Beauty is one of the attractions of real flying, and that's true of simulations, too. The popularity of the Community Screenshot forum proves the point with almost a half a million posts. Every community has experts and beginners, winners and losers, people that are talented and people that struggle, those that want to improve and those that are self-satisfied. I'm one of those people that wants to improve, and I'm always eager to learn. And I know there are some very talented people who post screenshots here--some are even professional artists. With that it mind it oc
  16. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil...because I'm the meanest muther in the valley.
  17. Rats. Just noticed the video capture didn't leave out the cursor. Grrrr.
  18. Here ya go. The Director's Cut featuring a little Garageband ditty I call Country Spin (because I damn near did on short final, if you watch the airspeed indicator). I told you I got slow but didn't realize how slow until I watched the landing replay from the VC view. Lucky thing it was a 185, an AT-6 would have rolled over on its back and killed me.
  19. I used FS Recorder (hereinafter FSR). It's a free FSX addon, available here. The primary advantage was it allowed me to plop a camera in the middle of the runway. And, of course it recorded the flight so I could replay it and watch from several angles. (Just occurred to me I missed an opportunity during the boring turn around to cut to a regular FSX spot camera and then briefly to the VC for a look at the runway. But since I have the saved recording I can still create two new movies and clip out the best parts and added it in, which is a nice fringe benefit.) Using FSR, you can def
  20. Well, you certainly achieved that!
  21. There's a lot wrong with this short video: my flying, the way my system rendered the dust, my flying...you get the idea. The concept was to 1) learn how to place an FS Recorder camera on the runway, 2) capture a takeoff and landing so I can use it on the bush strips, and 3) demonstrate a slip to short-field spot landing with the camera as the touchdown target. Part one and two were achieved. The demo...well, that's for you to judge. I let the aircraft get light on takeoff -- it actually hopped into the air before I planted the mains back on the ground. A big no-no. If
  22. Never lost it the passion. You guys took it to new heights!
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