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  1. I've just tried installing CZST and got the same error Greetings Harald
  2. Hi, The problem is with me the same thing and only in the approach (100ft). I do not have vectors. @ Friedi: Bird's this error can not be seen. Greetings Harald
  3. Orbx has just 431 numbered all unlisted Airstripes. In real terms is N182: 6000 Lindis Pass-Tarras Road, Lindis Pass 9382, Neuseeland source: http://koordinates.c...-and-airstrips/ regards Harald
  4. Hi Nick, Airports with the Numbers N xxx do not have names, they are unlisted Airstripes. Harald (Westwood Inn)
  5. The problem is not my PC, multiple pages in New Zealand can not reach. I'll try again later. Harald
  6. Hello, Definitely not, a check with http://www.downforeveryone.com/ is unsuccessful. Greetings Harald Germany
  7. Hello, I do not mean the product overview (FSX Central; is ok) to me, but your download overview has no date = confused! Greetings Harald
  8. My speeches, see: http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=28175.msg239904#msg239904 Grüße Harald
  9. Merry Christmas and happy New Year from South Bavaria with snow!! Harald (Hardybaby)
  10. Hallo Bushpilots, schön euch hier zu treffen, ich bin zur Zeit ausgewandert in´s Downunder Hardybaby, Bavarian country
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