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  1. Gisborne was where I was born and grew up, I still get up there from time to time and in my line of work I'm involved in the design of new PBN procedures in and out of Gisborne. It will be fantastic to have this airport and cityscape available in sim!
  2. Hi all, I have noticed, particularly in AU that some of the aircraft will exhibit odd behaviours. I think most AI traffic I've ever seen will do a navy-style constant rate of descent right down to the runway and just smash it on, but I've found with a lot of the AU traffic, aircraft will either come in impossibly high/steep, or will drag in for the last few miles at 100ft or so. I was also amused to watch an A330 do a missed approach at YBCS last night. Crossing the 15 threshold it executed the go around and immediately started a climbing right turn directly for the high ground adjacent to the airport. It cleared the top of the hill by about 50ft! I'm curious as to whether users can edit any variables to try and correct this. If so, could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys I'll give it some consideration. Already have a few other ORBX products on my hit list for May so will see what the budget can stretch to!
  4. Hi all, Interested in picking up these two packages in the sale but I do not have global. I note that Samoa is stated as being "Designed to work best with the FTX Global basepack" and then at the bottom of the page global is listed is a requirement. My question is whether global is required for these experience packs to work, or just recommended? What are the consequences of not having global if I did purchase these areas? Many thanks Mark Adeane
  5. Hi all, I downloaded the v4.0 base pack ( http://myftx.com/orbxfreeware/FTX_AU_AI_Traffic_4.0.zip) but on attempting to unpack it I get the error 'the compressed folder is invalid'. I downloaded the file twice with the same error message on both occasions. Anyone able to assist with this please? Many thanks in advance! Mark Adeane
  6. Thanks Tim, I'll have a tweak and see if I can get a better visual result. I appreciate the response!
  7. Hi all, I updated both NZNI and NZSI and the night lighting does not appear to be working correctly on my system. Firstly I do have a mild case of the blurries, and if I am stationary at a location, I do see some lighting. However, in my C182, cruising at 6,500ft, 140kts I only see occasional points of light below me, and certainly none at extended distances. Should the lights render irrespective of the texture loading, or do I need to fine tune my fsx.cfg to try and get better texture loading performance? Thanks in advance for any guidance/help!
  8. Sorry it was Ultimate Terrain I was thinking of, not GEX! Thanks guys, good to know the lighting has longer-range visibility!
  9. Hi all, Looking to purchase FTXG to enhance my European textures, but one question I haven't seen answered relates to the 3D light visibility limit. Is it better than GEX lighting, which - for me at least - seems to have a very limited sight distance of maybe 5-10 miles. Otherwise it's looking like a worthwhile purchase!
  10. Great shots Gert, what is the sky texture you're using there in the last shot? Mark
  11. Thanks gents, you're very kind! The great thing is I could do dozens of these flights and still not have explored every pass, valley, lake and strip. Will plan out my next adventure soon, I'm thinking back up the Hollyford valley, south to Lake Manapouri and across to Doubtful sound.
  12. Hi all, Have just picked up NZMF and have really enjoyed the job done on this spectacular region! The shots below show an early morning flight from Milford Sound to Martins Bay the hard way, i.e. Inland via the Homer Pass and the Holyford Valley. This is a great flight and more so in a low-and-slow aircraft like the A2A cub. Also, I'd recommend getting hold of a copy of the relevant NZ Visual Navigation Chart in 250k scale. This really helps with planning and navigatign a flight in this mountainous region! Airborne from NZMF, I fly down the sound and then execute a 180 degree turn. This allows me enough time to get up to 4500ft to clear the Homer Pass. One last look at NZMF as I head into the valley. The terrain is rising steeply but I already have the height to cross the pass. There is quite a bit of turbulence from the southerly here. Looking south as the clouds roll over the ridgeline. I hope it doesn't close in on me before I cross! Crabbing over the Homer Pass Made it! Turning north at the top of the Hollyford Valley, the most challenging part of the flight is behind us. About to overfly Lake Alabaster, this was a slight detour as I hadn't been down to Big Bay before. Overhead Martins Bay to set up for my approach. Final Approach to Martins Bay, little bit of a crosswind. Backtracking to the lodge Looking for a parking spot! All shut down and ready for a coffee.
  13. Thanks Holger, I'll be looking at the HB (Hobsonville) files tonight to see if that alleviates the Auckland CTD issue. Will report back. Mark
  14. Hi all, I've been seeing a repeatable CTD on approach to both NZQN and NZAA when flying the NGX. Loading my NGX at these two airports for a departure doesn't produce a CTD, however. My other aircraft get in and out of those locations fine, and I don't appear to have any issues with the NGX at other NZ airports. I'm aware of the broader causes of CTDs with high end add-ons, what I'm interested in is whether anyone here has had specific trouble with the NGX at these two airports? If so where there any specific files or elements that caused the issue? I'm aware of the Hobsonville files being implicated in CTD's around the Auckland area, and I'll be looking into this tonight. I'd very much like to be able to operate into these locations, so any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Mark
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