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  1. EPIC!!!! Will P3D ever look as good as X-plane? I hope so because I can not afford to swap platforms.....
  2. If i may......it would be fantastic to see Rotorua be done over with Orbx magic?
  3. Can not say "NO" to a good a Scotch!!!
  4. I for one do not like this new adjustment. I like to know what airport works with which "Full Fat Region". It is now so confusing trying to work out which airport is for the "Full Fat Region" and ones that only "sit on" Open LC..... Why change it...? Just my 2 cents!
  5. There is no photo scenery for Lae. If you are looking for an airstrip for Lae....there is not one. Lae airstrip/airport was decommissioned back in the late 80's. The airstrip that now services Lae is Nadzab Airport.
  6. YES! YES! YES!!! Thank you Alex for you and FTX having another go at NZ!!!
  7. So when will this be fixed!!?!? It is become sooooo annoying!!? I have tried several times to post a support issue but keep getting spat out when i go to submit post!!!
  8. I keep getting logged off too when I change pages!?! How do I stop this from happening please?
  9. Just testing to see if I can post something? Have just spent an hour typing out a support issue (with pictures) just to be spat out when I tried to post it!?!?
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