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  1. musterpilot please accept my sincere apologise.... I re read my post and it seems a bit abrasive. I mean no malice at all and truly admire and respect your painting skills. Also its great that your representing the RAAF in your paintings. I just find that it is up to all of us, that if we wish to replicate history...one must make sure that that history is represented correctly. For if we do not do our bit now, the future generation will be clouded as to what was real and what was not!? I see a lot of RAAF wing "roo's" facing the incorrect direction all the time. I just feel that we owe our defence service people the respect that they deserve by getting things correct...no matter how small. I see you have changed A79-1 to what she was originally. Outstanding work. Again i am sorry for any inconveniences and please keep up with your re-paints! Kind regards, Tim.
  2. A79-1 was the First Australian built DH-100 Vampire.... However the Australian built "single seat" Vampires were marked as F.30's http://www.adf-serials.com.au/2a79.htm
  3. The wing roundels are incorrect!!! The "roo" ALWAYS faces towards the leading edge and its feet towards the fuselage!
  4. Incorrect! The only similarity between the Australian/NZ Colorado to the Colorado that Jack Sawyer has....is the name! The Australian/NZ Colorado is smaller, designed in the Brazil GM Studio -now defunct- and is manufactured in Thailand. It shares the same architecture as the Isuzu D-max. The US Colorado is a completely different vehicle.
  5. EPIC!!!! Will P3D ever look as good as X-plane? I hope so because I can not afford to swap platforms.....
  6. If i may......it would be fantastic to see Rotorua be done over with Orbx magic?
  7. Can not say "NO" to a good a Scotch!!!
  8. I for one do not like this new adjustment. I like to know what airport works with which "Full Fat Region". It is now so confusing trying to work out which airport is for the "Full Fat Region" and ones that only "sit on" Open LC..... Why change it...? Just my 2 cents!
  9. There is no photo scenery for Lae. If you are looking for an airstrip for Lae....there is not one. Lae airstrip/airport was decommissioned back in the late 80's. The airstrip that now services Lae is Nadzab Airport.
  10. YES! YES! YES!!! Thank you Alex for you and FTX having another go at NZ!!!
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