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  1. Perfect timing for this marvel to be released! What most of you don't know, this airport is about to get IFR procedures, finally. Up until now one could only reach this airport by cancelling IFR at PELAD, and then to follow the valley visually. Bad weather often meant for the aircraft having to divert to LSZR, LSZA or even LSZH. Now with the start of the busy winter season IFR procedures are introduced. You won't find the charts on Navigraph yet. Two approaches available: RNP Visual for RWY03: FAF at 13nm at 11800ft, resulting in a 4,49° glideslope. And: Lowest MDA at 11'400ft! RNAV GNSS for RWY21: FAF at 15nm at 13000ft, resulting in a 4,41° glideslope. Lowest available MDA: 8680ft - 15° offset to RWY track! (oh and no, the valley is not wide enough for a visual circling to RWY03 in a jet aircraft!) So RWY21 is the better choice obviously, if winds allow. But even the lowest MDA is still 3100ft above GND, 6nm from the threshold. So still somewhat restricting in bad weather. Hope the procedures get published for the next AIRAC, they'll be so cool to fly! As has been mentioned above, rather big CAT C aircraft can land there. The biggest one in recent times to have landed was an A320. But even A319s and B737 BBJs land there regularly. Perfect for that FSLabs thing or the future PMDG NG3. But all that is easy compared to what you can do with your A2A pistons coupled with RealTurb: Density altitude coupled with strong winds have been deadly on a regular basis, with GA pilots having been caught by sudden rising terrain with insufficient energy to turn around. So if you ever needed a reason to justify RealTurb, this will be it! Thanks @Jarrad Marshall for making my day with this announcement
  2. I would like to correct this statement, just in case future buyers are interested in this: EGPH currently does NOT always change seasons when EU Scotland does. There is no hard winter texture in EGPH, and half of Spring is also not changing correctly. Just saying since it is advertised as "Designed to blend in with EU Scotland".
  3. It's not nit-picking really. It was a fair comment about how the scenery was advertised, as being up-to-date to the current airport, which evidently it is not. Now that the advertisement is going to be changed, all is perfectly well. That being said, I'm looking very much forward to flying there!
  4. John, I've just verified this a few hours ago after your last message, just to make sure. Both FTX Global / OpenLC EU and FTX England display snow textures during P3D hard winter seasons! I'm sorry this upsets you, I didn't programme the seasons in P3D! Of course I know that the real London hardly ever sees any snow covered landscape in Winter. But that is what P3D is doing, and that is what your own products do as well as a consequence.
  5. Well, what should I say, I'm simply a worried customer, thank you for calling me brainless. Why was I worried? First you asked people whether or not they want TE with or without seasons, many say yes please seasons, we don't mind the reduced base photo quality. Then you release TE without seasons. You have your reasons of course. Then, you release EGLC without seasons, even though it is just a tiny base photo which you could have easily provided with seasonal variations. All while you promote the season-less TE at any possible occasion. And then you wonder why someone like me gets worried that you might no longer care for seasons due to TE not having them? Now about that "lump of concrete". Your own product coverage map shows PLENTY of grass areas within the scenery. And now you're saying that you don't care if that photo texture featuring summer grass will stick out green while both FTX Global and FTX England around it will show snow textures in winter? Do I REALLY need to buy EGLC just to show you how silly that looks? And please don't insult me by stating that there's no grass at and around EGLC. There's lots of concrete yes, but there's also plenty of grass. Anyway, thank you for confirming that you'll indeed be committed to seasons for your future UK airports. That's all I wanted to hear. And now @Greg Jones has even confirmed that seasonal variation will be added to EGLC. Glad to hear that. Instant buy once that is done! Cheers, Markus
  6. Can you be a bit more specific please? Seasons or no seasons? "Use it with" does not imply full compatibility with FTX Regions or OpenLC. You seem to be wanting to abandon seasons completely as soon as there's a TE region available or coming up. Why? Can't you accept that there are people that don't want TE regions in P3D, due to lack of seasons and for performance reasons? So you finally return to the UK after all those years, but by doing so you ditch any support for seasonal textures with these new airports? What a shame that would be. Still hoping that EGLC will be blended seasonally with FTX/OpenLC. I'd buy instantly.
  7. Never mind, sorry about that, just saw it within the product page text, no seasons. What shame! That's very disappointing I can't afford to fly with TrueEarth due to FPS penalty, and no I don't want to buy anything that doesn't have seasons covered!
  8. Before I buy, can I ask how does the airport blend in if I only have FTX Global and OpenLC EU installed? If it's designed for TrueEarth as the product pages says, does this mean there's no seasonal variations at all? Yes I know that small patch of grass is not the biggest deal, but still, one of the great features of ORBX with FTX always was that seasons are covered for. Would be shame if this got dropped just because ORBX thinks everyone is using TrueEarth
  9. I assume that the VDGS visible in the promo screenshots are non-functional dummy units, since ORBX never had its own VDGS tech? If yes, can these be removed to allow replacement via GSX? By removed I mean in a way that nothing else is removed along with them, if the corresponding BGL file is deleted. Oh and @Misha Cajic would it be possible to improve the resolution of the concrete apron textures? Screenshot 12 of 18 on the product page shows them as being in a very low and blurry resolution, not really worthy of an add-on marketed as "Ultra HD", as competitors are able to provide much better looking apron textures in terms of crispness. Thanks!
  10. Nick, I disagree with you when you say that people want the product to be degraded. I know the ORBX community consists of many scenery-oriented fliers, doing VFR and flying less complex aircraft like those from Carenado and the like. To those people having all Autogen buildings at 4k size is of no consequences, and yes it looks stunning indeed! However, there are also those flying complex airliner add-ons into major hubs. And that creates issues if too much data is being used, not because of VAS, but just because of the inefficient and old P3D engine. So those people would like to save on resources wherever the maximum is not needed. And Autogen is such a case. Flying fast and only coming close to the ground on short final, for a minute or two, believe me one can NOT notice the difference between 4096x4096 pixels and 2048x2048 pixels texture size. Sure, if I were to pause the sim at that moment, I'd see a difference. But not while moving along at high speed with my sight being directed to the aiming point. So therefore when flying airliners I'd welcome an option for 2048 pixels very much. It will still look a MILLION times better than default Autogen! But with a vastly reduced amount of data. It will still be an amazing product! And it will be better optimised for flying complex airliners. So even though I own a PC with an i7 9700K, overclocked to 5 GHz, 32GB of RAM, a 2080Ti video card and Intel Optane memory, I'd still be delighted to get an option for 2048x2048 textures. Think of all those people flying airliners into mega hubs. There's only that much the old P3D engine can take Thanks! Markus
  11. Looking forward to this one! @Marcus Nyberg I know you're probably sick of this comment, but your taxiway edge lights are still white instead of blue, same as in Bilbao. Yes the halo seems to have a light shade of blue, but the light itself is still white. But it needs to be DARK blue
  12. Yes. However several notes are published in the AIP for code E aircraft (747-400) and code F (747-8).
  13. @Marcus Nyberg Looks stunning, thanks for all your work on the update! However I must be that guy... Your taxiway edge lights are still kind of white, instead of blue Here's a photo for reference, yes I know it's not from Bilbao: https://www.airliners.net/photo/CSA-Czech-Airlines/Boeing-737-45S/1156870/L There MUST be a clear difference in colour between the taxiway edge lights and the runway edge lights. Otherwise that would never get certified
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