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  1. Hi, the pics were taken at Dundee Airport, but the fault line effect is apparent in other areas, Edinburgh has mud banks with straight lines that keep going. Thanks Viv & Jan
  2. Hi Jon, TEGB North loaded, Custom Scenery folder now has Orbx Libraries, but result is still the same, these pictures taken today a few minutes ago. Thanks V & J
  3. Hi Jon, Libraries came up immediately, & it completed before TEGB North started. Thanks V&J
  4. Good luck Gary, hope you get it sorted, we are still downloading TEGB North 16hrs so far.
  5. Hi Jon, hope your day is better today, we are currently downloading TEGB 9GB done 11GB to go. Not sure if it's relevant, but this time when we started the download a message popped up that libraries needed to be downloaded & installed first to make sure the product worked, while I can't remember if that happened the 1st install, I definitely know it didn't happen last week when it was reinstalled, but is that because we have just the 4 folders in Custom Scenery. Thank you for your help V&J
  6. Hi Jon, the picture you show here is not from us, it is from a member called ghun 1, he has added a post & 3 pictures. We would be waiting a week if we did 3 downloads at the same time. Hope that clears up the confusion. Thanks V & J
  7. Hi Jon, we are confused by your comment about running updates, because we didn't know any were downloading, where did you see them? the computer was started only to go through your instructions. Cleared temp folder, all TEGB folders were 0 contents. we can confirm that the last 2 scenery shots were taken when the only folders in custom scenery were Global & TEGB, see current contents of Custom scenery folder in screenshot from a few minutes ago, no change except it had a .bak file in it which I deleted. We ran XP again to check still no change. We have attached Log
  8. Hi Jon, Sorry we didn't see the 4th folder, it was stuck way down the list. we added it to the custom scenery folder, but no difference. We have also moved all 4 folders into custom scenery plus Global (no shortcuts) , still no difference. We have attached TEGB folder sizes. Still appreciating your help V & J Folder sizes.odt
  9. Hi Jon, we followed your excellent instructions, we did have some backups, which are now cleared. We did a flight, but it looks worse than before, just basic XP. We have sent pics for you to check we have done the folders etc, as you told us to.
  10. Hi Jon, our pc is i7-7700 cpu, 4.20GHz overclocked to 4.6GHz, 32gb ram Win10. Our download speed is just over 1GB per hour. TEGB addons are directly into XP directory. Appreciate any help. Thanks V & J Log.odt
  11. hi Jon, no we are on 4.1 & probably an earlier version originally when it first came out. It has been not quite right from the first install. Due to the length of time to download, this was a decision taken after many discussions & fiddling with settings etc, but no change. Hope you can help. Viv & Jan
  12. We have uninstalled this product, then spent 27 hours downloading it again to try & get a product which doesn't have mismatched tiles, blurred ground scenery & washed out colour, but it hasn't made any difference. We don't have any problems with any of our other products, but North has been a problem child since day 1. We would appreciate any help to get North running as brilliantly as Central & South. Thanks Viv & Jan
  13. Thanks for your post, we had the same problem. Sorted quickly thanks to you & support. J & V
  14. Misha thank you so much, it's installing right now, turning anti virus off is usually my next goto, but I was thrown by KJAC not having a problem, how weird. many thanks for your fantastic work & such a quick reply. Jan
  15. Sorry, not KJAC, it should be KTVL didn't notice wrong airport code. Sent post again with correct heading. Thanks Jan
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