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  1. After updating P3D v4 to v5 most of my 30+ Orbx airports are gone. I only did the v5 Client update and made sure "Install_Client.msi" installed the update in the correct P3D directory. Thing is; I can not reinstall the airports using FTX Central. The airports still do not show up after reinstalling. It looks like planes, utilities and stuff like fences are still there, see attached screenshot but all buildings are gone! Ideas anyone?
  2. I have the same problem with Open LC Europe. (FSS0437830). When I use FTX Central with the "install from my manually downloaded zip file" I point it to the first zipfile in the folder on my HD where I downloaded the LC Europe zips. It wants to download anyhow which is impossible because I am on a ship with limited internet. Please help!
  3. I am migrating from FSX to P3D and dowloaded PNG Holgermesh today (Feb 9th 2017) for this purpose, but the resulting zipfile (74,895kb) contains no executable? All the names in the file seem to be random characters (see screenshot below). I downloaded it on 2 different computers using different browsers but results are always the same. Any tips or help much appreciated!
  4. XP's flight modelling, lighting, 64 bit and autogen placement on photoreal scenery all very enticing, but why oh why has XPlane still no convincing Wx engine! Clouds and water even in good old FSX (2006!!) look sooo much better. And the Orbx scenery made my FS world so rich by now! No, I think I'll be hangin round P3D till OOMs force me out.
  5. A friend of mine actually does real-life flights for MAF to these PNG bushstrips. Your pics capture his images remarkably well!
  6. Norway by Orbx looks great! Thanks for the pics. It really shows the solitude and the grandeur of this beautiful (and expensive!!) country.
  7. Beautiful little plane that Shrike 500! Great pics.
  8. If it were not for the FSX cloud artifacts in the background these Phantoms could be either the real thing or else a Hollywood action scene. Very nice!
  9. Hi Alex, Just by unchecking the FTX_NZ folders in AddonconverterX I immediately got rid of all the blocky textures! No need to reinstall New Zealand. This is the first time I ran into an issue with this addon. I am glad the solution was so easy. Thanks so much! Before and after:
  10. That looks like That looks like an excellent tip Alex. Yes I am a long time happy user of AddonConverterX - until today probably. I'll check it out. It might have messed with the wrong textures. Unfortunately no solution was given in the thread you advised, just the diagnosis. Should I find out how to overcome this then I'll post it here. Thanks!
  11. AddonConverterX sometimes fixes these type of texture incompatibilities for me. It can fix most 'pre FSX' textures and prepares them for FSX. Who knows. Just an idea.
  12. OUCH! I just discovered that the rectangles are visible in all sea areas around the South- and the North Island of New Zealand! See attached pics. So this looks like a NZSI, NZNI issue. The rectangles are just more conspicuous in the fjord near NZMF. The coastal rectangles do not show up in Orbx Australia. Putting scenery setting from maximum to minimum made no difference. Any help would be much appreciated.
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