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  1. Hello Ben, Thank you for your answers above. With the installation of Orbx products using the "Add-on.xml" method, will it still be possible to define the insertion points?
  2. Thank you Ben for all this very useful information. What about the "Autogen" folder, do Orbx autogen files always "overwrite" the files in the original "Autogen" folder of P3D? PS: Reading better the link " Add-on packages" you gave me, I think that the entry for the Orbx autogen should also be in the "Addon.xml" file, the one corresponding to the Orbx libraries folder don't I? But what about the the "Terrain.cfg" file, for the lines added by Orbx?
  3. Hello, You indicate: " Add-on packages Recently, Lockheed Martin introduced the add-on package system into Prepar3D. This has a myriad of improvements over the traditional system of installing into the simulator directory, then hooking up the scenery in the scenery.cfg. We can now distribute immutable add-on packages, which install in their own directories outside the simulator. " But what exactly is this installation via "addon.xml" instead of a "normal" installation in P3Dv4 and scenery.cfg? I can't really understand... Everything is installed outside of P3Dv4? Even what's in the "Effects, Sound, or other" folders? Where are all these folders/files if they are no longer in P3Dv4 and how is the declaration made if nothing is in the scenery.cfg? Where can I find a complete explanation about this installation? Thank you. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  4. Thank you. I don't speak English, I use a translator, so it's not always easy to understand everything
  5. Hello, Thanks for the SODE Jetways, will it ever be possible to also have the SODE animated windsocks?
  6. I come back to the initial subject of the post. For photo-realism, you absolutely need the best possible resolution if you want to have a sharp enough rendering at low altitude, otherwise it's blurry and it's not beautiful. So, necessarily, from Lod 15 without the seasons. Lod 14 is far too little as a resolution.
  7. Personally, a little greener or a little less green along the runways and the plane a little more purple blue or a little less purple blue, it doesn't bother me, they are only details especially if the scene is really much more optimized with a new ground image and other features... And the color also depends on the calibration of its screen.
  8. I had looked at this one, but it's true that it's not exactly the same plane:
  9. Hello, Looking at all the real pictures that are in this link, I seems also that the color is correct : https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/location/San Diego - International xBOxLindbergh FieldxBCx xBOxSAN xSx KSANxBCx/?
  10. Hello, In what resolution is the photo texture for this whole scene of the Netherlands? 1 m/pixel?
  11. Thanks paddler, I don't have FTX Vector nor Open LC, only FTX Global and all the regions in NA and all their airports. So, I can installed these packs of hundreds of freeware airports without to have problem with my others airports include in the regions and with my others payware airports?
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