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  1. Landed at Auckland in the beech from Whangarei, jumped in the cessna and flew to Ardmore, then back to Auckland. Paul
  2. Carenado B19000

    Of all the Carenado King Air aircraft this would be my favourite, I made an adjustment in the aircraft.cfg file for the reverse thrust, I changed the setting "min_throttle_limit" to 0.03 from default 0.3, this gives only a tiny bit of reverse range as my saitek throttle doesnt have much play in reverse, this helps for taxing, also the beta thrust is pretty good, at the idle detent on the saitek throttle the 1900 is in beta range, so idle is between idle detent and the 25% making, this makes it so much better to taxi, turn corners and even tight parking bays with 180 deg turns. Very Happy
  3. 3 A380's At Auckland Airport

    There has been over the last 12months or so alot of resource consents put forward for mining in northland, far north island between kerikeri and kaitaia, aerial surveying has been going on quite a bit out of kerikeri airport, not sure if its been made full known to public yet, it will mean a sortage of workers as most of us kiwis are over in oz, just like in the christchurch rebuild NZ had to reachout to the world for workers, the same goes for the planned mining. Paul
  4. Dash 8 from Liverpool to Aldergrove.

    Those are some awesome shots dude, question, whats the water theme you use in pics 8 & 9, very nice theme. Paul
  5. Psiloritis

    How far has flightsim come since orbx started making scenery!!!! Awesome shot mate, thanks for sharing
  6. A Few More From 65S Bonners Ferry

    What sky texture is that Jim, wouldnt mind using that for my New Zealand scenery, very nice shots.... Paul
  7. From Russia!

    Im really jealous of those shots O0
  8. First shots of Whangarei, my home town, I have been waiting since 1999 for someone to create a full NZ scenery, and well now I have it. Thank you Orbx i really mean that, thank you for bringing fsx to reality. It looks just like this in real life, i tweaked the sea to match a photo from my flying in 09 Awesome cloud effects over the stunning scenery
  9. re:no stall warning when landing

    in real life everytime ive landed a plane the stall horn goes off even on windy days you will hear it on takeoff beep beeeeeep beep but fsx stalling is not as touchy as the real thing im guessing, even with all realism sliders to the right and doing 35knots in the flare i cant hear the stall go off. Paul
  10. A trip down memory lane

    Has orbx got any products coming out for this game
  11. ERA

    Let her master the crosswind landings in the c150 first.... I dont Ferno would like that idea just yet either To OP... Nice paint mate, well done. Paul
  12. The Flight Sim's

    Thanks for the laugh, brillant work, very creative Paul
  13. ENB Mod d3d9.dll crash - Any solutions?

    try running fsx in compatiblilty mode, right click fsx.exe select compatibilty check select "run this program in compatiblity mode for" select winxpsp3 Paul