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  1. I found the registry tweak that Tim Harris had posted June 7 and used that to fix my problem.Sorry for not checking further.Thanks Brian
  2. I just installed an aircraft in FSX by exe file and it installed wrong so I uninstalled it by adjusting the path.After I did I tried to start FTX Central and got an error.It put the path to my FTX scenery as"Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simobjects\Airplanes\ORBX\Scripts\FTXConfigurator.exe".It was always in its own default place so I got this error.I know it changed in the registry path and just would like to know how to change this path back.Any help would be appreciated.Thank You Brian
  3. I love the country setting.This is the way a lot of airports in my area operate or had operated.A one man operation.
  4. Thank you.I thought I was going to have to reload FSX for a third time.I could not figure out why it would lock up on me when I went to set up a flight.I just have to give it time to load before I use it.Thanks again,Brian
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