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  1. Should my runway lines be this bold when viewing from the side? At a distance it looks like a big white line. And is this what my airport roofs should look like?
  2. Hi, I'm using Orbx Global/Trees/Buildings/NA LC. I Have Drzewieckie Designs Chicago and Orbx Meigs Field. This is what I have at KORD. (default) Also noticed the missing textures at Calais/Dunkirk.
  3. Back in business!. Land Class did the trick. Leaving town in a few for the weekend. Will play with it more when I get back. Still lots to reinstall. But it looks like all is well. You guys are awesome. Thank you very much!
  4. Done. back to default (ugly) P3D. Autogen is present. Went to Orbx Central and let it do its thing. Now NO JOY. This is LA.
  5. It appears to be global. Here's a shot of Honolulu and one of Cincinnati.
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