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  1. If you have the region installed it takes priority over openlc/ global so you need to select region compatibility mode
  2. To my knowledge, all orbx addon airports are still annotated with the FTX 3D lighting regardless if there is a photo scenery base or not.
  3. All I can say is WTF? Its incredible. Wow doesn't even cover it. Its hands down the most impressive scenery package I have ever seen and not a blurry texture in sight. Oh, and the performance is off the charts.........
  4. I would like to second the vote for KART Watertown. also, KOGS - Ogdensburg CNL3 - Brockville CNT7 - Picton thanks Glenn
  5. Is it 'final shots' time yet?
  6. All we need now is one, just one high fidelity aircraft addon and a weather engine. ai and atc can come later i have have high hopes for the future of the sim. I really hope it doesn’t stall.
  7. This looks great! Looking forward to it.
  8. I purchased city scene Barcelona last night assuming it wouldn’t be in any new sale.
  9. You aren't supposed to be using .xml method for Orbx products anyway.
  10. What limit? I have more than 30 addons already in v4. No issues at all.
  11. I use SimBrief and efb v2. A fantastic combination imho.
  12. Wow, this really looks quite something. It will also give us the added bonus of seeing how a full region works in terms of performance. Maybe the afs2 naysayers will have to quiet if if we could get a real weather generator we will be 1/2 way there......