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  1. Although Holger and Bill did this scenery, I believe FSAddon own the rights to it.
  2. Nothing to do with FPS. Even with fast rigs P3D has a horrid tendency to blur distant photo scenery. This effect doesn't happen with land class texture tiles so it has nothing to do with speed of system. its the way P3D handles photo scenery. I think many here would like to know how the preview shots at the start of this thread were taken because there doesn't seem to be any blurriness issues on them. In fact, if you look closley at the before and after shots, you can clearly see the distant blurriness issue in the 'before' shot but in the 'after' shot it has gone. Even taking into account the autogen that is masking some of the distant scenery the blurriness issue seems to be much better in the 'after' shot. Im hoping either LM or Orbx have figured out how to mitigate but nobody has been forthcoming so far. I would like to know because as it stands, large photo scene areas are a no go for me on P3D platform. I would have to go for the aerofly version instead.
  3. Yes, it certainly looks like this real concern in the P3D platform will not be addressed with these previews.
  4. My question too. All photoreal in P3D tends to look a blurry mess very quickly from any sort of distance. How are these preview shots done because they look much better than I see with photoscenery? I don’t have any blurry problem with landclass based orbx scenery.
  5. This is great news! Im hoping that Allen will also be working on the Orbx Vector product. If it can be made a bit more like UTX, then it will be a real winner.
  6. Did you get the right one? There are a couple of versions. The one on Carenados site is not the 'Ultimate' pack. See here for the 'Ultimate_185' fde pack https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/13622/fsx-carenado-c185-fde-pack/
  7. Actually the carenado 185 with Bernt Stolles fde pack is excellent. His fde pack even includes separate versions for each of the bush types as well.
  8. Milviz Beaver. I have the Carenado 185 but it shows its age now with the VC textures.
  9. Testing out the PTA settings and HDR with PNW and hit the v key for this one. Credit to Adam_NZ for the PTA preset. A little adjustment here and there for my own tastes but wow, it really makes the sim 'pop' in a very realistic way.
  10. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

  11. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

    Hmmmm.....picture looks a lot darker on here than it did on my screen. Ah well.......
  12. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

    Quick shot from the flight-deck of the descent into EDDV. Looks very realistic to my eyes!
  13. VFR above FTX UK

    Wow! Very nice. What are your autogen, HDR, shadow etc settings for these?