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  1. If you use multiple controllers then fsuipc is a must have. It switches control profiles automatically depending on which aircraft you choose.
  2. If you have the region installed it takes priority over openlc/ global so you need to select region compatibility mode
  3. To my knowledge, all orbx addon airports are still annotated with the FTX 3D lighting regardless if there is a photo scenery base or not.
  4. All I can say is WTF? Its incredible. Wow doesn't even cover it. Its hands down the most impressive scenery package I have ever seen and not a blurry texture in sight. Oh, and the performance is off the charts.........
  5. Is it 'final shots' time yet?
  6. All we need now is one, just one high fidelity aircraft addon and a weather engine. ai and atc can come later i have have high hopes for the future of the sim. I really hope it doesn’t stall.
  7. This looks great! Looking forward to it.
  8. I purchased city scene Barcelona last night assuming it wouldn’t be in any new sale.
  9. You aren't supposed to be using .xml method for Orbx products anyway.
  10. What limit? I have more than 30 addons already in v4. No issues at all.
  11. I use SimBrief and efb v2. A fantastic combination imho.
  12. Wow, this really looks quite something. It will also give us the added bonus of seeing how a full region works in terms of performance. Maybe the afs2 naysayers will have to quiet if if we could get a real weather generator we will be 1/2 way there......