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  1. If you stripped all of that from P3D it still wouldn't be in the same ballpark as FS2. With 1000's of custom buildings in view (crystal clear view I will add) you can still get over (yes over) 240 FPS. The amount of legroom this sim engine has is crazy. Don't take my word for it. JV here has already praised the FS2 engine on several occasions.
  2. Nonsense. Even if you stripped AI aircraft and moving traffic from P3D it wouldn't be in the same ballpark as FS2 performance wise.
  3. You can just disable the landclass in the flytampa control panel
  4. I will buy for afs2. The TEN product performs brilliantly in fs2. Looking forward to GB
  5. Anyone who values performance over eye-candy I would think.
  6. Seriously? You can’t see all the jerkiness and micro pausing?
  7. Thanks Nick. It seems some do and some don't. For instance, my two airports by Turbulent IDA and GCI were fine. KSAN and ESSA were not.
  8. Guys, this continues to be a problem with patches to products where the control panel options get out of sync after updates are issued. All of the SODE updated products (except Turbulent Designs ones it seems) today have done this. This leads to control panel options that don't 'stick' when selected and multiple instances of .bgl and .off files in the installation folders that are a total pain to clear up because its hard to tell which have been changed or not. For anyone who is not well versed with the workings of the folders I can imagine its a pain. Would
  9. If you use multiple controllers then fsuipc is a must have. It switches control profiles automatically depending on which aircraft you choose.
  10. I checked. This isn't fixed in my install. Is there an estimate on the fix timeline? I cant imagine its good for performance reasons to have two sets of lights active.
  11. Sorry but compared to all my other FTX airports and regions where there are PR areas, the KSAN PR is blurry and seemingly low resolution. Also, if you go to the mexico border the PR does not colour match with the textures of FTX SOCAL at all. If I have just FTX SOCAL and no KSAN the textures are a perfect match. Also see this video on AVSIM of KSAN v2 The PR also looks awfully blurry too.... https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/540837-checking-out-v2-of-orbx-ksan/ Is there really no way we can just have the airport with the normal FTX SOCAL region surroun
  12. I think the issue here is that ipacs own addon scenery sets a pretty high standard for the airports. The ones included in Switzerland, USA etc are a pretty high standard. You then expect the orbx region to do the same thing which is probably a bit unfair considering the level of detail n the region a a whole.
  13. Looks like another ADE file is active.
  14. So I have no issues with any FTX regions or usually any FTX addon airports, even those with PR areas but KSAN v2 seems to have a real issue with blurry and washed out looking PR areas. I don't find it enjoyable at all to be quite honest. I like the airport itself but I think I would prefer the surroundings of the FTX Southern California land class. Is it possible to just have the airport scenery without all the PR area around San Diego?
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