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  1. Did you get the right one? There are a couple of versions. The one on Carenados site is not the 'Ultimate' pack. See here for the 'Ultimate_185' fde pack https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/13622/fsx-carenado-c185-fde-pack/
  2. Actually the carenado 185 with Bernt Stolles fde pack is excellent. His fde pack even includes separate versions for each of the bush types as well.
  3. Milviz Beaver. I have the Carenado 185 but it shows its age now with the VC textures.
  4. Testing out the PTA settings and HDR with PNW and hit the v key for this one. Credit to Adam_NZ for the PTA preset. A little adjustment here and there for my own tastes but wow, it really makes the sim 'pop' in a very realistic way.
  5. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

  6. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

    Hmmmm.....picture looks a lot darker on here than it did on my screen. Ah well.......
  7. EDDF to EDDV - CRJ

    Quick shot from the flight-deck of the descent into EDDV. Looks very realistic to my eyes!
  8. VFR above FTX UK

    Wow! Very nice. What are your autogen, HDR, shadow etc settings for these?
  9. I really liked the look of the cloud formation so had to hit the 'v' key The Navajo in V4 is one of my favourites. They really did a good job on this one.
  10. I purchased this book a few years ago as well. Its an excellent resource, especially for sim pilots. Very much like an expanded 'old school' printed manual that came with FS 'Chapter 10 - Navigation with Traditional Avionics' https://www.amazon.ca/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-Pilots-Training/dp/0764588222
  11. Hi Larry, That will be great! Thanks very much......
  12. Can we also consider a Caribbean pack? TQPF TNCA TFFR TFFF TNCC TIST TLPC TLPL TKPK Etc? There are loads for island hopping that have never really looked good in the sim They are mostly smaller airports too which is handy for this project. Alternatively, how about some FTX region love for the Caribbean or maybe some payware airports to spruce up the OpenLC / Vector combo? :))