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  1. Aerofly FS2 is not a flight simulator not even close - where do you guys come up with this stuff - dont worry there will be other developers jumping on the XP11 and beyond band wagon - mark my words
  2. Thanks for the update - should clear the air for many
  3. Yes same here lost my 7 year old Carin Terrier to cushings disease - fighting a killer cold for 4 weeks but I wont get into it lol - have fun digging this new Central - easy stuff now
  4. No Jack it does not - pretty cool stuff - hope all is well
  5. Can I uninstall a product from FTX C3 ? thanks
  6. rsvette12

    Yongai to Fane in an old Fairchild

    Great post and shots Buddy
  7. rsvette12

    Valdez, just can't stop hitting the V key!

    You should post more often John - great shots for sure
  8. #48 well done was a hard choice as there was many great shots
  9. rsvette12

    Extra feature in latest release of P3D

    Thank you buddy appreciate it
  10. rsvette12

    Extra feature in latest release of P3D

    Great looking shots do you know if there is a tut or info on how to use this cinematic feature - thanks
  11. Wow Guys thank you so much really didn't expect this - why I am just looking actually Your the best All and thank you Orbx