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  1. Thanks Lixfeldt yes, very interesting site ! Best Dom
  2. Agreed witj JWx theme. Say i am negative, say anything you want but at this present stage, only 10 % of FSX products have been converted upgraded to P3DV4. Everybody say it"s a great move but i did not see a lot of developers really ready for the transition. FSDT and Flightbeam are, fully 100 % Aerosoft is doing a good job beeing transparent about that. I would say no more. The most disappointing thing about switching to P3DV4 is the lack of good aircrafts. And the problems involved in networks simulation (IVAO MTL base for instance). Orbx and a few others are pushing for new simulators but when it comes to deliver updated products, hmm, it's another story. To me, P3DV4 is much more performing, graphically. But get ready for headaches. Dom Mason
  3. I think that a lot of people now switching from FSX directly to P3DV4 are puzzled. How are we supposed to install Kern Valley airport for the new platform ? It' is not even displayed in FTX Central 3 for P3DV4 yet. We really need more explanations. And i am not speaking only about Orbx. Fly Tampa's updates patches are not better explained either. Dom
  4. At last, some real news for FSX/P3D. (Aerofly is nice but i am not going to switch between 3 or 4 FS platforms Thank you ! Dom
  5. Pictures look amazing and the colors really fit with this geographical area. If only Orbx could develop more of these fine sceneries... And a FTX Spain region would greatly appreciated. Dom
  6. Yes, Thanks, Michael, indeed, i was refering to the HD Buildings, one of the ongoing Orbx projects. Dom
  7. Remarkable ! The night shots are wonderful ! Still, any chance that this scenery will include at some point in the future the 3D buildings tech. ? Dom Mason
  8. Looks like it will be KSAN first before LOWI Dom
  9. That's a very ambitious project. Eager to see how friendly it is for my old quadcore computer. Incredible scenery coverage ! Dom
  10. Oh - My - God !!! This is incredible. Really ?!!! This is Mozart,this is de Vinci. This is the essence of FS programming. It's about how to feel a place and transcript it in FS world. Oh - My - God !!! Dom Well it can't be De Vinci. But this is just about giving a huge amount of work in every squarred inch of the scenery. So, yes, its De Vinci. In 2054, people will remind you of De Jarrad or The Marshall. (no i haven't drink yet). Ooooohhhhh Hmm maybe Johannes Vermeer.
  11. John, team members, I wanted to thank you for your latest tools, FTX Central V3 and Orbx Direct. after a few weeks using them, i must say they are very useful and easy to handle. Well, they have been lanched for a while now, but its never to late to congratulate when something is succesfull ! Dom
  12. What about the new Building 3D feature ? Is it already implemented in this scenery ? Can we expect it in any later upgrade ? It sounds quite logical to include this new tech with San Diego city (shots #8 & #9) Dom Mason
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