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  1. EDIT: Deleted post. OOPS... you where asking for AFTER engine start.... Helps to read the question first..
  2. If there are ANY Intel drivers showing in Display properties then they need to be removed. I suppose it would be worth checking for any Bios updates for that board. (But being as how the GT620 is PCIE-2 i doubt it). If your able to see a boot screen and splash screen then you should be able to enter safe mode. (F8 key before the splash - just in-case you didn't already know). If no display of any kind then there is a hardware problem. _____________________________________________ Your not the only one whose had this problem with an MSI card either. https://communities.intel.com/thread/33837 From a post in this thread: I have the same board with the exact same problem. Same model of MSI card. I have been unable to get it to post in the DX58SO. I have however been able to get the card to work in SLI mode with another mfg card, a PNY. So there is either something wrong with the motherboard's support for this card, or with MSI. According to the MSI forums, it is an issue with the DX58SO as it is a known problem board. Why is it I can get the card to work in SLI as a slave, but I can not get the card to work alone. Rather frustrated that other cards do work and this one brand will not. Do we need a bios update to fix this?
  3. Try booting into "Safe Mode" with 650 installed. If this works then go to Device Manager and and see if old video card still has a profile. If so then Disable it. Also, strange as it may seem.. I have seen USB devices cause similar issues. After unplugging all unnecessary USB devices, the machine would boot just fine. Its a stretch, but I have seen this before.
  4. That's an awesome rig for $1300 usd. The Alienware equivalent is over $1600 usd..... Build it !!!!
  5. I'm on the bandwagon for the 760 as well. Good price and performance ($250 on Amazon). Just don't think a 560 will cut it for V2. Won't swear by it, but the 760 should work with your current hardware as long as your PSU is a minimum of 500w (a solid brand, no cheapies).. 750w or higher is better of course. You should have 2x PCIEx16 slots on that MB. Can't say what performance would be, but should work.
  6. This month was tough.. too many good shots. Gotta go with #19
  7. +2 It has worked quite well for me. FSGlobal on a worldwide scale is by far higher resolution at average 19m (than the basic FSGen world package at 76m) but i am personally more than content with FSGenisis. FSGENISIS $20 World Coverage does nothing for North America default mesh, but improves the rest by 16x. (Takes it from 612m resolution to 76m resolution). I bought it because the TONGA islands with default mesh are flat pancakes, and it worked wonders for those islands. Also don't need the 50gb footprint or the bleeding wallet just for mesh.. but that's just me. ----------------------- Edit: FSGenisis continental coverages are at an average of 10m.. but it looks like FSGlobal is easier on the wallet for the full boat. (someone please correct me if i'm wrong)
  8. Beautiful Shots.... Is that a "Banana Bob" Kodiak repaint?? If so then where did you find it? Ive been searching all over for them with no luck !!!
  9. I would like to see an official " Where am I " thread here like the one over at Aerosoft. (it's a little slow) An ongoing thread of screen shots within ORBX Regions only. Airports or landmarks from the ground or air, etc... and the one who guesses the correct location of the screenshot posts the next one.. so on.... I think there is enough activity here to keep it going for a while....
  10. It may have something to do with REX and the chosen Taxiway/Runway textures. Not sure. Doesn't bother me though, I only fly in Full FTX Regions. And when I do get around to upgrading to FTXG - JV has already covered that.. " We will be able to specifically add the right underlays for our openLC series where we have finite control over each climatic region." NO WORRIES!! :)
  11. I don't own that one.. but it looks like a very complex model. Check out Froogles videos for that bird.. may be of some help to you. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETC4VcdoNj4
  12. The "Majestic Q400 in FlyBe livery" comes to mind... They fly in & out of Southhampton all day long. So do A320's for that matter.
  13. There's an A320 in this vid at 2:19 ... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKS6u6AadrQ
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