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  1. Hello, Volanta web version connects to my sim and tracks my flight just fine. However, at the end of my flight I click "End Flight" and then click "View Flight" and nothing displays. When I click the "Flights" tab there are no flights listed yet I've completed two flights using Volanta. I use Win7 and P3dv4.5. For both flights I used PMDG 737NGX. Any thoughts? Thanks, James
  2. Yes resolved! Thank you Nick and Marcus! Great job as usual!
  3. That sounds amazing! I'm dying to get to Sweden one of these days.
  4. This is interesting: ESSA_GRD_2020_P3D.bgl was set as ESSA_GRD_2020_P3D.bgl.OFF. When removing the .OFF everything is fine. What config tool option would cause this to turn off? Thank you Marcus!!!
  5. ESSA sits at the top of my Orbx scenery stack All appears to be fine.
  6. Thanks Marcus. I’ll check on the windsocks and report back. I’m happy I don’t have to update P3D because my sim is running perfect right now. Any other thoughts as do why I had ground markings before my uninstall/reinstall?
  7. I’m not. I’m using v4.5.13. I’ll update later today and report back. Before I do, may I ask what impact that may have considering my previously installed ESSA did have all taxiway, runway, and apron ground markings before I completed an uninstall/reinstall to correct texture flickering? Thanks, James
  8. Hi Nick, Thanks for your help. Orbx Libraries are installed and active.
  9. Hi Nick, The first three pics are of ESSA and the last two are from KSAN. I added the KSAN pics to show that this is probably not an ObjectFlow issue as my other Orbx airports are displaying all of the ground markings correctly. ESSA is the only Orbx airport not displaying the ground markings. The first three pics (of ESSA) do not show a taxiway centerline or edge marking. Runway 19R/01L shows no markings at all, and there are no apron/gate markings around the aircraft parking locations. Thanks, James
  10. Hello, I know this topic has been discussed many times but I cannot seem to find a fix based on what I've read in the forums so far. My ESSA taxiway, apron, and runway markings were once visible, however, I completed an uninstall/reinstall of ESSA to fix the flickering building textures which corrected that issue and improved performance, however, the taxiway, apron, and runway textures disappeared. Here is what I've tried so far: 1. Verified files for both ESSA and ObjectFlow 2. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling ESSA 3. Uninstalled ObjectFlow,
  11. Hello, I just installed the Iceland demo and I am experiencing floating jetways at BIKF. I have excluded BIKF via the vector tool. I also use GSX Level2. Any ideas on how to correct the floating jetways? If you look closely at the jetways, they only appear on one side of the terminal and there is very little space between them. If they were to be corrected, they would not line up with the terminal. Thanks, James
  12. Hello, Can someone please clarify whether Global+Vector+OpenLC Europe is required to properly use the Iceland Demo or is the Demo a stand alone product? In currently own Global+Vector. Thanks, James
  13. I'm really interested in Vector but am worried about VAS and performance. How much will Vector affect these? Also, is Vector worth it (probably not a great forum to ask that question LOL!)? i7-4790 GTX 970
  14. Hello, Is it normal for Orbx installers to take a very very long time to un-wrap? This process (for me) can take up to 60 minutes (sometimes longer) to unwrap. The product installs successfully once the un-wrapping is complete, it just takes awhile.
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