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  1. Update on this issue. Uninstalled all of TE GB and then did reinstall. Everything downloaded without interrupted download warning which was a hassle before. Everything is running great. Thanks for advice and best scenery out there.
  2. So EGNM has nothing to do with crash since I removed it and still crash XP11 when starting there and various other UK starts South, Central. I'm uninstalling all GB stuff and will do reinstall. Such A PIA. I switched to 11.50 only because Navigraph doesnt support 11.41 any more.
  3. Was able to start at EGNT and fly direct to Leeds Bradford (Orbx) and on approach I got the XP11 crash. I first thought it was more the Central GB TE but same issue trying to start at stock Bristol (crash). Able to start at Orbx EGHI though without issue. Cant figure it out. Wasnt sure if it was a SAM issue since I have the payware issue that gives gates to stock airports also. Maybe pull that one and try the Orbx one.
  4. Correct. All working in prior 11.41 version. No issue with TE Oregon or other North American stuff. Started with default cessna 172. Few addons so far. Had prior issue of installing Orbx stuff with the download interrupted stuff but verification of the GB TE files was good.
  5. New install of XP11 11.52. Installed most of the TE GB with a few airports. I get a crash even when starting at EGCC which is stock airport. Able to start at Berlin Tegal (Orbx) which of course is outside GB, Was just checking to see if it had to do with Orbx airports. I have the SAM payware version. Log.txt
  6. That worked Josh for both XP11 and MSFS. At first MSFS wasnt showing in dropdown menu last night but after booting up today it was there. I had to delete the contents of that file for each install of KSBA and KBUR. I will have to remember that for future purchases. My XP11 is on a standard HD and MSFS is on a Solid state SSD. Neither are my C drives. Thanks for your expertise.
  7. I did a verify files on Miegs and that worked. Before it would give me the install interrupted. So now I need to get Orbx Central to see my MSFS install. KBUR and KSBA were installed on MSFS and was also giving me the install interrupted with 3 or more files failed to extract. Do I need to reinstall Central. I ran MSFS once to see if that would work but still doent show MSFS on drop down menu.
  8. So here is my log file for installing, unistalling reinstalling KSBA or any update for both XP11 or MSFS the same issue with interrupted download and 2,3,4 files missing depending on which scenery or global area Im installing ,updating or verifying. Same result. I doubled checked on required microsoft ++visual stuff and they are all there. I am on the very newest WIN 10 2020 getting the same issue even after doing the change in downloader settings. Runs fast then towards end get a few installs interrupted and finally showing 2 files failed to extract. Happened with update downloa
  9. Here is my log file after trying to verify KSBA install in MSFS central.log
  10. I have all the windows prereq software. My system is a new one also with new Orbx central. MSFS2020 is new install after the new build. Tell me where the log file is so I can send it. Thanks
  11. So yesterday had the issue of install interrupted with KBUR for MSFS. Believe it is resolved. So again but this time in XP11 when updating TE GB North I am getting the same issue even after doing the change in downloader settings. Runs fast then towards end get a few installs interrupted and finally showing 2 files failed to extract. Happened with update download and verify file action.
  12. Here I go again, Installing Santa Barbara in MSFS and about towards end of install getting the install interrupted then 2 or 3 files fail to extract. Sure wish I could just download and drop in the folder like XPLANE. Did the recommended thing in the downloader settings. This is the norm now for XP11 and MSFS. Any solutions!
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