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  1. I agree, the UK2000 version is a little dated. Would love to see an ORBX rendition.
  2. Amazing that these cost about the same, looks like another purchase for me.
  3. Has anyone compared the 2 versions. Other then the nonfunctional gates and the AES gates with aerosoft is the scenery worth replacing the Aerosoft ESSA?
  4. Wondering what the timeline is on the North America OpenLC?
  5. I run my i5 2500K stable at 4.6ghz with 1.38 v. DX10, Steves DX fixer, NI and Nvidia 770 on a ASUS sabretooth Z77. Pretty smooth though plan to upgrade to maybe Ivy Bridge i7. unless I decide on new Mobo for the Haswell core. Happy with my 30 FPS. decisions, decisions!!!!!
  6. KLAX to KMRY with a Visual 28L approach. Now I will get GSX to work soon so I can get some gate action.
  7. Just finished an awesome flight in my PMDG 737-800. ILS autoland approach to 12 went without a hitch. Flawless. Recently purchased REX and was just blasted away by the awesome sparkling blue coral reefs and the amazing clouds. I flew with real time weather with several layers of stratus clouds and an amazing cirrus deck at 34000. The transition from the Cairns coastline with its beautiful mountains to the Mars red landscape of Alice Springs was great. Thanks for the most amazing scenery. The new Harvey Field I just bought is also phenominal. Hope you do a rendition of Darwin sometime in the future. Thanks again:)
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