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  1. KBZN... Not just an airport...

    Very nice! If you don't mind me asking, what are your REX sky and cloud choices? I have been chasing dusk and sunset combinations for a while and yours is excellent....
  2. I usually tap the 'view new content' button on the top right of the page when first visiting the forums....several days ago, it stopped working, and now only says 'no new content'?? Any ideas?
  3. First of the year & my first screenshot

    Thanks! Much appreciated!
  4. First of the year & my first screenshot

    Thanks guys!
  5. First of the year & my first screenshot

    And a second one that was on my way to KSFF, but the weather was a bit troublesome...
  6. C-130T thundering out of KHQM.... ...Hope you like it!
  7. What is your dream Orbx area?

    Northeast USA.
  8. In Awe of Monroe

    Good to hear. I have been unable to duplicate that kind of performance on my machine, though. A bit of a bummer, as I was hoping to maybe purchase Monroe to add to the area. I have extensively tested Harvey, and the only way I can make it flyable on my machine is to turn off every checkbox in the Harvey configurator. My autogen is at dense, however. So...no hot air balloons, peopleflow, grass, natureflow, static aircraft, vehicleflow...and I can just about manage 27fps. Not too shabby. ..Also please keep posting the screenies. Yours are among the best I have seen anywhere, Eric. I voted for you during that screenshot competition a while back and you seem to keep getting better. Bravo!
  9. In Awe of Monroe

    Very cool screens, Eric. I have a question though...what is your performance like with Monroe? And Harvey right next door? Monroe is the only PNW scenery I haven't purchased yet, because Harvey kills my FPS...
  10. Jackson Hole Airport

    C'mon.....release this beautiful airport and scenery already!!! I am chewing my lips up waiting for it!!!

    Russ, my hat is off to you. This airfield is absolutely one of the best I have ever seen in flight simulation. Performance is incredible, and visuals are in a league of their own. Bravo!
  12. CZST Stewart various.

    How is performance? Any thoughts on how it runs compared to previous offerings? The screenshots and video make me salivate....
  13. CZST Stewart, with SnowFlow

    The runway...oh look at that RUNWAY!!! A real, snow covered runway!!!!!!!
  14. Anacortes is a gem

    Very nice! WHat addons are you using (REX, bloom enb, shade, etc...and what themes?) Those screenies are exactly what i am looking for outr of my setup, and cannot seem to achieve