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  1. Excellent news, I am so glad Marcus took a break from Spain and returned to Sweden. And I hope he stays here for a while, and why not take a trip to Norway while you are at it. We have IKEA meat balls here also! +2 on Bodø. Not much left of the 2019 road map window now.
  2. The packs aren't on the top of my to buy list, but without any seasons I will never buy them. So seasons please.
  3. Be sure you backup your SODE. Looks like they removed it from the orbx version.
  4. Looking real good. Makes me really look forward to the winter.
  5. When disabling Peopleflow in FTX central it disables enhf_P3D_Objectflow.xml instead of enhf_People_Objectflow.xml, ending up disabling the whole scenery instead of just the people flow.
  6. Very nice. And speaking of Uruguay, I would love to see some shots of the Montevideo area.
  7. Another option is getting a prepaid visa in a store, those should work just fine online.
  8. No, Tongass is between Southern Alaska and Pacific Fjords.
  9. It's a very nice scenery and it covers a awesome area to fly in. So I can highly recommend you getting it sometime.
  10. I'll be the unpopular guy and ask. How is the work conversion going? Are we looking at a long wait before we can enjoy the airports in v4?
  11. The area in the picture is where it should be in real life.
  12. Well I can report that Orbx is not the culprit. I should have done this straight away, but I removed all the addons except Orbx and default, and sure enough the spikes went away. Thankfully I don't have to much scenery installed in v4 yet so the search for the scenery causing the issue wasn't that long. It looks like it's the Taxi 2 Gate KSEA-Terrain files that is causing the spikes. Interesting that a Seattle airport scenery should kick in so far away. I guess I have to go bug them instead now.
  13. At the location you can see the coordinates for here I get these spikes. Only from a distance. Once I move in real close they disappear. When I move away they will reappear, My mesh setting is 5m.
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