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  1. Great, I was hoping this was on your list Marcus. This airport has been missing in our sims for way to long. Hope you'll also do a P3D version.
  2. Fantastic. Torp is always a nice airport flying to, but the scenery for it has been a bit dated for a while. Hopefully Finn Hansen will move on to the west coast when he is done with this. ENBR, ENHD and ENZV are all in bad need of some updated scenery.
  3. If you are going force us to use static airplanes I'm going to stop buying your scenery. I have no interest in airplanes that are only in the way, and are only blocking available parking spaces. I'd hate that, because you have lovely airports, but I hate static airplanes even more.
  4. While Innsbruck looks awesome at night, I got these floating lights above the town. Also I hope you guys will soon allow us to remove the static aircrafts.
  5. It's one of the two airports that comes in the Kiruna package. https://orbxdirect.com/product/esnq
  6. Excellent news, I am so glad Marcus took a break from Spain and returned to Sweden. And I hope he stays here for a while, and why not take a trip to Norway while you are at it. We have IKEA meat balls here also! +2 on Bodø. Not much left of the 2019 road map window now.
  7. The packs aren't on the top of my to buy list, but without any seasons I will never buy them. So seasons please.
  8. When disabling Peopleflow in FTX central it disables enhf_P3D_Objectflow.xml instead of enhf_People_Objectflow.xml, ending up disabling the whole scenery instead of just the people flow.
  9. Very nice. And speaking of Uruguay, I would love to see some shots of the Montevideo area.
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