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  1. Same problem here from time to time. I delete the %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg and terrain.cfg prior backing up both files, then I restart P3D v4.3 and it comes to live again. Then I close it from the main screen (without starting a flight), and I copy again the files backed up in the same folder replacing the new ones created by P3D. It works for me every time, but I don't know why it happens. Hope this helps you, excuse my poor english. Cheers Gerard
  2. Hi again, akriesman! I've being testing with the CityScape Barcelona scenery and as a result I must say than activating the city in Simwings Barcelona Professional, there is no appreciable loss of performance, taking into account that not only does it add all the POIs I listed in my previous post (and a few more), but a lot of buildings. This would be a nice solution, but the bad news are that also duplicates a large part of the city's buildings, which are overlapping and it's very ugly. So the performance is great despite the duplicity and the POIs added Cheers from Barcelona
  3. Thanks for your explanation, I understand it. Anyway, I believe that Montjuïc Castle should be a good candidate too, because it's composed mainly by squares and is the hallmark of the Montjuïc mountain, very visible and characteristic of the city's landscape, as well as being in the middle of the approach path to runway 25R, which is the most commonly used for landings at LEBL. Greetings from Barcelona and thank you so much for this great scenery.
  4. I am very happy because it is my city, the work is superb and the performance is incredible. Having said that, I am surprised that such exquisite and detailed work has overlooked POIs that are included in much less exhaustive work, such as LatinVFR Barcelona airport or Simwings Barcelona Professional. They're not insignificant things, that's why I'm surprised: Montjuïc Castle Wela Hotel Basilica del Tibidabo Parque de Atracciones del Tibidabo Maremagnum (building and bridge, next to the WTC, in the port of Barcelona) Buildings in the Hospitalet 2 area I insist that all of them are included in both airports. (In fact, I was the one who detailed to the developers of one of those products about the things that needed to be included to make it credible to fly over the city, at least in an approach to LEBL on the 25R, sending them lots of pictures and Google Earth locations, as well as supervising the work). Still, congratulations on this excellent work. Cheers from Barcelona
  5. Hello! Thank you so much for your quick answer, Nick, as usual. I've solved the problem a few minutes ago, and came here to inform it was solved. It was, simply, a bad order of some FTX scenery items in the scenery library. Now it works great. I suppose that I misconfigured it trying to understand how the insertion point works in FTX Central. Greetings Gerard
  6. Hi! Thanks for the update of this beautiful pack! I've tryed one of my favourite airport in this pack (LESU - Aeroport de la Seu d'Urgell), and as the title says, I have two runways on it. Is there anythig that I can do to solve this, or should wait for a hotfix or a new update? Thanks in advance. Gerard
  7. Not yet... after four hours downloading,.. I do not think I can install it today ... embarrassing
  8. Same here, I have been trying for 10 more hours. Now I got to begin downloading parts 1 and 2, but at ridiculous speeds (between 50 and 150 KBPS). I have a 306 MBPS speed download and could have downloaded 13 GB in few minutes. It is exasperating that a company that sells downloadable products, always have ridiculous download speeds. Users should be able to buy and instantly download our products, do not have to be for hours trying different possibilities to see if we can get that for which we have paid. #FSS0505409
  9. Thanks a lot, Nick! As always, you have completely cleared up all my doubts. So then, I will wait aware that it goes on sale to buy the full version immediately. People like you makes this forum a great place! Cheers! Gerard
  10. Hi Sherm, Thanks for your quick answer. Certainly, probably I not fully understood the content of the article posted by John. Engish is not my native language, and sometimes it's hard to me understand long texts. So, you think that if I end my purchase, the discount will apply automacitly? Just before the payment, I still have the price of $54.95 in my screen, and as I've said, a red warning that I already purchased this product and no mention about this... Kind regards, Gerard PD: Excuse my poor english...
  11. Hi, I've been out of simulation for the last three months, and when I'm back again, I find this post http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/114658-get-au2250-off-openlc-na-if-you-buy-open-lc-alaskacanada/ And the question is, Must I buy all the pack and pay again for the content I already payed when purchased in August 2015? Tell me that I'm wrong, please! If I try to purchase at FSS, I get a message telling that I already purchased this product, but I can't see the way to get a discount... Regards, Gerard Order #FSS0405871
  12. You are the man! The problem was UTX Europe 2, I moved all the entries below the FTX ones and solved... Thank you very much! Gerard
  13. As I've said is the problem happens in the whole country over flattened areas, but in the particular case of the image I posted, the coordinates are: N40° 52.32', E0° 10.10'
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