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  1. Will KBUR include the Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation that Capt. Dale Black hit and survived? (He had a near-death experience due to this accident). Cheers, Siggy
  2. Wow! It would be nice if Austria would be covered next.
  3. This looks great! Will we see any screen shots about 200km WNW of Munich? (I.e. Stuttgart, Black Forest, etc.)? Cheers, Siggy
  4. Gooday Jarrad, thank you, it worked, no problem. With FSX default, Austria Pro X and ORBX LOWI in place, it is difficult to know where possible transitions come from, but I have not seen anything terrible :-), but only did a short flight from LOWI to EDNY (Friedrichshafen/Lake Constance). In the end we will have ORBX Germany South joining the LOWI area and at least the northern border of the LOWI area will have a perfect transition. Cheers, Siggy
  5. Hi, In a post a few pages above, it is stated, that the scenery blends with either FTX Global Base or OpenLC EU. I have none of these, could I still install/use this scenery, even though the transitions may look a little bit sub-optimal :-) ? I have the old "Austria Professional X" (not photo-realistic) installed as my 'base'. Cheers, Siggy
  6. Had the same problem today too with GEN. It would be nicer if FTX Central checked whether there is enough extra space first instead of presenting an exception handler chain (I saved the screenshots if anyone is interested, but this should be easy to reproduce). Cheers, Siggy
  7. Will this setup work (it does with the current installers) ? Please note that \ProgramData is on D: d:\Users\Siggy>set ALLUSERSPROFILE=d:\ProgramData ProgramData=d:\ProgramData SystemDrive=C: SystemRoot=C:\Windows Cheers, Siggy
  8. Looks fantastic! Are any of the trains moving? That would contribute quite a bit to immersion. My current LOWI scenery has that and it is nice to see "live on the rail tracks" too. Siggy
  9. Just tried letting FTX Central update the FTX Libraries, 1.2GB, had to stop it as this would have taken 1.5hrs. In that time, due to a missing "pause download", I could not take or make any Skype-call due to no bandwidth left. Therefore, a "Pause" button for the downloading of updates would be nice. Otherwise I need to let it run overnight and hope that it does not require manual intervention (i.e. clicking of a button etc.). BTW, now that I cancelled the FTX Libraries Update, it is not even offered any longer by FTX Central 2. Edit: One more, when it asks for 'Click to apply the update', it would be nice if the update's download size was also shown in advance. Cheers, Siggy
  10. Thank you, Alex, that fixed it! I am guilty :-), I should have followed the instructions during the install process that said "install the latest ORBX libs". Shame on me :-). Now everything looks very nice. Have to get used going back there again. Cheers, Siggy
  11. Ok, I went ahead. Noticed that the planetarium is not there, shouldn't there be a 3D-building ? Maybe that is part of FTX Global Base ? Cheers, Siggy
  12. Hi Nick, thanks, I saw this. My feeling after reading "must be installed" was that the installer may even refuse to install the product without the "prerequisite" installed. I don't think sales would be affected if those remarks only said "works best with ...". Cheers, Siggy
  13. The ORBX product page seems to contradict itself. In one spot it says "Designed to work best with the FTX Global basepack" (leads you to believe that FTX Global is not necessarily required, but at the bottom of that page it says "This product requires you have the following installed:" and then it shows FTX Global Base. The product page at the FSS says: "This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of FTX: Global BASE must be installed prior to use.". This has kept me from buying this yet, but if there are no problems (other than non-perfect transitions), I think I will go ahead. Cheers, Siggy
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