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  1. Hey Petfy, Have you tried the fix above yet for Diablo III. My AA is not working in Full Screen.
  2. Creekdog and I hooked up last night for the first time on openLC NA. WOW!!!! South Carolina has came to life!!! We did a couple of flights doing Shared Aircraft and we were just amazed at the scenery. ORBX, you have outdone yourselves this time. We are doing another flight later tonight and we will get some screenies but just wanted to give a quick THANK YOU!!
  3. Great pics and I live only 30 miles from that area.... Edit: the blues band i'm in plays at La Fiesta, Olde Towne Tavern, and Creekside...
  4. Thanks JV.......................Files downloaded and ready to install when home from work........... Edit: Yes CDN 1 worked best for me too. Best speed by far.
  5. All downloaded at work and ready to get home and install. Thanks ORBX!!
  6. yeah......Tues will probably be better for sure.....lol.
  7. Hey all......Wow been a long time since posting. Anyway while I wait for FSS to my get openLC download links up, I thought I would share my new venture. Sandhills Air is my REAL flying service. Drone flying that is. Really loving this and have decided to make a part time business out of it. I am now waiting to get my Part 107 Certificate the first of August so I can fly commercially but I have been flying a lot and getting plenty of practice in making videos and such. Feel free to check out the new website. http://www.sandhillsair.com
  8. Thank you guys!!!! Have other duties today anyway. I did get in long enough to purchase and received the discount. Will try again tomorrow for download.
  9. Yeah been trying to log in to FSS for last hour with no luck. Will try back later.
  10. Hey Howard, Just sent you a message. Recently purchased the Phantom 3 Standard and looking for advise on camera settings. Just filming at default modes right now.
  11. Wow. Amazing Iain.........I am ready for P3D. Darn.
  12. Active Runway at TAP still puts me deep in the woods down the mountain. If I choose Runway 1, it puts me at the top correctly. This okay?
  13. Okay, I rolled VECTOR back down under all other FTX products INCLUDING OPENLC and now it is fine. Let me know if its okay to have VECTOR below all other? Anyway looks good now. Got a flight plan ready and about to hit all the new airports. I am in tech support myself and hate to bother people. Thanks so much for helping.....
  14. I toyed around a few months ago with VECTOR placement. Should VECTOR be below all FTX products. I moved it above.
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