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  1. Life happens and you need to attend to it. Simming is not life (I suppose for some it is )
  2. My personal take on this, is wait and see how this thing pans out. Just have to think of FS Flight, which turned out to be a disaster.
  3. Afica is a huuuuuuge country, and checking for faults and anomalies, is a daunting job for any tester. Trust me, I have done that.
  4. Another set of super duper shots. Final shots, does it mean, what I think it means.....?
  5. I agree with the above. A stunning shot indeed. Looks so real.
  6. BTW this aircraft is the Milviz Pilatus Porter PC6. But no XP version available.
  7. Wow, another beautiful rendition of a stunning part of the world. Airport and details look stunning!
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