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  1. All FTX deleted now and all work as a Swiss Clock now! Will install them again during my vacation! Alf
  2. Thanks! I follow the instructions and removed the folders and files and made a new install of PNW and it worked once! Today same issue happened again then I try to go to KCLM default airport. FSX stop responding and also FSX crash after some seconds too! I also noticed that after the reinstall of PNW and those updates same issue happened at PAWG in Tongass fjords scenery! If I activate default scenery in FTX Central! No crashes and all seem to work! I have noticed that I have 2 version of FTX Central! old one and the FtX Central 2! Don't know if they interfere with each other! Looks like I have to reinstall FSX and install all my addon from scratch to get all working as before but I won't do that until my vacation in summer! Need about a week to fix it! Wish you all the best and a good year of 2016! Alf
  3. First I want to thank ORBX team for developing great sceneries and also to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I got some issue with crashes of my FSX then I try to go to KCLM default airport in PNW scenery! Also the same with 11S Seiku Airport! FSX don't crash on other places in FSX world! I tried to deactivate PNW and 11S scenery and then activate it again in FSX! It worked for a few times but then it begin to crash again! It does not matter if I try to set up the default C172 on runway or parking area! The first that happens is I can read the message on the top of my sim! FSX not responding and then after some seconds it crash! There is no uninstall tool for the scenery and would like to know what the best way is to uninstall and reinstall the scenery! Thanks! Alf K
  4. Lovely scenery and beutiful area! you did a great job shoot the film and have the drone smooth in the air! Thanks for share this with us! Alf
  5. Lovely shots amd scenery is awesome! Alf
  6. Nice shots Brad! Hope you landed safe and that you did not freighten Johns cows at Agnew if you fly low there! John is my 2nd cousin! Thumbs up! Alf
  7. Thanks for develope this airport and surounding area! A big thanks to all developer at ORBX team! I enjoy flying around Olympic Montains and specially around Sequim, Port Angeles, Hoodsport. I have been in the area once then I visit relatives in the area. When I took of from W28 in the C172SP in the sim it reminds me then I passing the area by car from Hoodsport to my relatives farm in Agnew. The area is so beutiful in reality and so is the scenery ORBX developed! I wish that KCLM will be developed to sometime in the future cause I had a visit to it as well and also Port Angeles itself! I enjoyd the food there! I live in north Sweden and might not visit PNW anymore but I will continue fly in the area that give me so much happiness and joy! Thank you so much! Alf
  8. Hi all! Nice thread by the way! I have no idea how to upload a photo here but you have a small one to the left! I am Alf from Härnösand, Sweden and 50 years old! I have been using Flightsim for more than 10 years now and all began with FS98! I am running a virtual airline with a friend from the year of 2006! We do multiplayer flight last Sunday every month and I plan all flights etc! In real life I have been doing some flying in a Scheibe 25SF motorglider for some years but not anymore! I do lots of VFR flying in the PNW and near Olympic Mountians in Washington state, USA! Port Angeles and Lake Cushman are my favourite places and the reason is that I have been there and have relatives in Port Angeles and Hoodsport! The scenery from FTX/ORBX are awesome!
  9. Hi all! First I want to thank the Team of FTX/ORBX making those wonderful scenery for FSX! I was very happy then PNW and area around Lake Cuschman near Olympic mountains was released! I have been at that lake once and my relatives lives nearby in Hoodsport! Anyway if I could wish something for the future! That would be William R. Fairchild International Airport (KCLM) with Port Angeles and Port Angeles Cgas (KNOW) Those are the area that I love to do most of my VFR flights! Thanks again for those lovely scenery and keep on that great job doing great sceneries for the FS Comunity! Alf
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