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  1. Hi all. Well, I goofed up, lol. I see now that is for the new sim, not mine. Spent too many years thinking of fsx as microsoft flight simulator I guess. sheesh. Ah well, thanks all for setting me straight. Rick
  2. Hi all. I noticed that Orbx has a package for Vancouver Int'l for my fsx/accel here--> https://orbxdirect.com/product/fsimstudios-cyvr-msfs I was wondering if anyone can tell me how it affects frame rates. As it is, if I am near cyvr, my fps gets to the low teens (11 - 14) now. Just wondering if this download would be a bit too much for my setup. Thanks a bunch! Rick
  3. Hi. In the 'old' days, Intel was preferred. The new AMD is catching up it seems. I will look into this. Thank You. Rick
  4. Hi all. It looks like I may need a new pc, and was wondering about this one. These are what I think are the important specs-- Windows 10 GE Force GTX 166TI 6gb 480gb ssd, and a 1tb hdd 650w psu I-7 8700 3.2 ghz Hexa Core 16gb DDr4 2400 ram. Does this sound like it would be an acceptable unit for my FSX and Orbx stuff? My FSX folder is currently 110gb in size, with lots of Orbx products, if that matters. Thanks for your time. Rick
  5. Well, that clears it all up for me then--thanks gents. Rick
  6. Hi all. I am a bit confused about this product. I already have the OpenLC N. America Alaska/Canada installed and wondered if these two are basically the same product, or will I notice big differences if I purchase the OpenLC N. Am. Orbx Central tells me this supercedes the Alaska/Canada one so -- as usual-- I am a bit confused. Unsure if it is a new, improved version or just a re-packaging of what I have now. Thanks for your time. Rick
  7. Hi folks. I've been having a problem at Vancouver Int'l lately, with FSX telling me I crashed into something. On approach to 26R (only this runway, all others are ok) and about 1/2 mile from the runway, FSX stops and tells me I crashed. Wondering if anyone else is getting this. This seems to be a relatively new problem, and whether it's ORBX related, I am unsure. I have PNW, as well as Vancouver+ V3 for this area. Thanks for your time. Rick FTX: NA Blue USA/Canada Pacific Northwest Order# fss 0101788
  8. Well--that was easy. Moving the OpenLC did the trick--thanks Nick!
  9. Hi. I seem to have some missing or corrupt textures. This pic was taken just after takeoff on rwy 15, Squamish airport. Just above the plane about halfway up the mountains, the beige kind of looking colors are what I refer to. Not an isolated area either--it happens anywhere I've been in pnw so far. Oh, I also have Vancouver+V3 for this area. Any ideas what is wrong? Thanks. Rick
  10. Well, besides screwing up and kinda posting this in the wrong spot, I just got so fed up I deleted it all, lol.
  11. Hi. Well, that's 2 "looks normal", so I guess it's what I should expect. I just thought the further graphics would have been a bit clearer. I do have Nvid. Insp. going so will look to the 16x aniso and see what happens. I did run the frame rate limiter at 25 for a long time, but reading the Orbx setup guide, unlimited was suggested, so that's why it's there. Perhaps I will knock that back down and see what happens. Many thanks for the input guys. Rick
  12. Hi. I'm having a bit of a puzzle about my graphics. In the screenshot, the graphics below the plane look great, but the up above, and further away terrain looks too fuzzy to me. I have set up my graphics per the ORBX manual, and even have the LOD Radius set to 7. (It is much the same even at 6.5). Do you guys figure something is out of whack, or does this seem normal? Thanks. Rick (Hope the screen shot comes out ok) http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/eeB http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/ee9
  13. I recently read a book about the history of Fort Casey. Quite an interesting story.
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