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  1. I agree John - the timing of the survey coincided with a time when a major new (and attractive) sim was being enjoyed, but not developed enough to 'take over' the function of the more developed platforms. Also of those respondents that had returned to Flight Sim this year 59% had done so because of MSFS, and 20% because of the Covid situation. This must make comparisons with previous years quite difficult. It's also likely that purchase of P3Dv5 was affected by the move to MSFS - some never going back having seen the promise of the new Sim. Is there a sense that P3D has given us all it re
  2. Nvidia users may find the latest driver update interesting... What’s new in GeForce Experience 3.20.5
  3. Nvidia users may find the latest driver update interesting... What’s new in GeForce Experience 3.20.5
  4. Hey Benny, thought you'd like this video for your collection... if ever there was a case for a good helicopter model, this was it! Maria's channel is very interesting for both the helicopter flying and the geology of the Columbia river in WA. This flight is from Washington to Oregon over the Cascades.
  5. Suggest you seek support here: https://soflysim.freshdesk.com/support/home whilst waiting for a response.
  6. That comes through in your great flight videos John - I do enjoy them; any more in the pipeline?
  7. With great respect, this is nonsense. The default sim is in a different league to all those that came before. As has been said you can try the sim for very little on game pass. I just can't see why you wouldn't enjoy the VFR experience, whilst waiting for the other IFR things to be put right, which no doubt they will be.
  8. Chrome extensions have a high contrast which I use when (like Nick) my eyes need a bit of help...
  9. It may be that the community only has itself to blame for this... whenever a company does this be it Orbx, or others, an element of the community then holds the publisher to account for the deadlines and timelines with a tenacity that disregards the very many variables that might come along to either put the date back or change the planned specification, not least the surprise emergence of MSFS before the SDK is fully developed. The incessant nagging for updates and sense of entitlement to a product release date (without any bugs) must be difficult to manage. I don't en
  10. Yes, I find the same. Quite what the effect of adding complex aircraft and scenery will do is yet to be seen. A little patience may be the answer.
  11. Looks like the 3080 will go on sale at $699 in 2 weeks time....
  12. I'm no expert on this, but from what I understand from reading about Blackshark.ai is that only about 2% of the globe has photogrammetric data to allow very accurate representations of buildings (some 400 cities), the other 98% are reconstructed using a 'neural network' (Axure AI from Bing data) for the ground plan and rooftops, and the facade features from textural data related to geographical location, generating some 1.5bn buildings worldwide. The team use people who, for example, have a PH D in roof construction to 'teach' the AI how to interpret the 2D Bing data, so their task is to train
  13. Almost certainly.... especially as the default sim is not yet complete in many ways, and the SDK still being developed. My approach has been to buy the simplest version, optimise the existing settings for my PC (which means tuning down some aspects), and await the first few patches and updates to see where it all settles.
  14. Personally I am shocked at your posts. I can't imagine what it would be like if you did mean to be abrupt. There are hundreds of people in this community who are willing to help you sort this out, but give us a chance, please.
  15. I don't have the new London pack; I'm still taking baby steps with the default sim exploring control bindings, cameras and other settings, but I've had a look at the threads & video about the London pack. In my very humble opinion, the paint is barely dry on MSFS, and for anyone who has been following the Asobo story they seem very committed to working with the sim community to develop this product over many years. I find their approach very refreshing - the alpha process involved thousands of simmers (and pilots) feeding back ideas, bug reports, etc in a very const
  16. So the scenery will keep getting better as the AI 'engine' (or whatever they call it) learns?
  17. I see - thanks for the explanation aero-3fsx! So does that mean that 3rd party Developers like Orbx can use the same AI method for airports and cityscapes replacing the now outdated autogen blocks, for say hangers and control towers?
  18. But thankfully EGHD is still there and open albeit a bit lacking in detail - which will be great news for all of the pilot simmers in SW England who flew from there, and regret it closing!
  19. Is it something to do with the way buildings and other structures are created from their height above the terrain mesh, sort of extruded so to speak?
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