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  1. Thanks all, my assumptions and recollection are clearly wrong, although I do seem to remember JV giving a rationale for not using Paypal. However I think the grass can be greener Nick. I have a Caxton card so I'll check that out, and thanks for the heads up on the Halifax card F737NG The charge was pointed out by my wife, so there is an imperative here...
  2. I notice that my UK credit card company charges a transaction fee when buying from Orbx Direct in AU dollars. I recall when Orbx Direct opened there were requests to use Paypal etc but John Venema explained how their charges were not acceptable. I wondered whether there was any way Orbx could charge in sterling, given that much of the operation is now run from Hampshire?
  3. What, in a nice warm car with the heater on? Here's me going down the shop to get some milk this morning...
  4. You can wear 'em as you help Nick shovel the snow off my drive!
  5. We were trapped in Devon Yesterday!! Remember this Nick? The shovel is in my shed!!
  6. Try this... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38721-alabeo-pa22-cirque-de-volant-repaint/
  7. Donald's Duck! Credits to Orbx for Orlando, and Swingman for the wonderful Grummond Duck, and hope he forgives me giving it the 'Donald'!
  8. Thanks to all - especially enjoyed the fishy tales!
  9. Credits to Adam for Preset; Colin Lowe for the repaint, and Orbx for the spectacular PNW and SAC regions.
  10. Ha! My daughters apartment appears, and some very familiar landmarks on the Clyde. The POI's are very well done. Lucky X-plane people!
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