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  1. #38 - but it was a close thing!
  2. Try this... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38721-alabeo-pa22-cirque-de-volant-repaint/
  3. Donald's Duck! Credits to Orbx for Orlando, and Swingman for the wonderful Grummond Duck, and hope he forgives me giving it the 'Donald'!
  4. flying_fish

    Flying Salmon - KSFO to PAJN

    Thanks to all - especially enjoyed the fishy tales!
  5. flying_fish

    Flying Salmon - KSFO to PAJN

    ..a salmon 'fly'!
  6. flying_fish

    Flying Salmon - KSFO to PAJN

    and there's more
  7. Credits to Adam for Preset; Colin Lowe for the repaint, and Orbx for the spectacular PNW and SAC regions.
  8. Ha! My daughters apartment appears, and some very familiar landmarks on the Clyde. The POI's are very well done. Lucky X-plane people!
  9. flying_fish

    True Earth GB South (P3Dv4) - London!

    Looks very very good - this must have taken many many hours of painstaking work; what an achievement! It may be the way the shots were taken but photos 4 and 5 seem to show Westminster Bridge truncated at Portcullis House?
  10. flying_fish

    OLC Africa

    Thanks for posting this - wonderful to watch the 'old' birds' in such a setting.
  11. Thanks Larry_R for a very comprehensive reply. Had no idea there were four wave effects already. Great to hear this is still being explored for future Orbx scenery - now that we have photoreal scenery emerging it would be great to see your work incorporated. Do you still want to have feedback from users of your 'open beta' in the forum, or do you have what you need?
  12. Last year, Larry_R led a discussion on wave effects, with some beta testing which sounded promising. Just wondered whether there was any further progress since May '18 on this, especially as TE emerges, as I've always felt it was one of the 'immersion beakers' of both FSX and P3D?
  13. Bet you are glad you asked now!!!
  14. You are both right of course... all I'm saying is that TE will improve VFR flighing immersion enormously. For example, I just looked up a local VFR flight I did in a C152 from EGHD Plymouth (back in the day when Plymouth Flying School operated from there). It was a regular navex for the club called the 'dambusters'. It routed east towards Exeter then north to Wimleball lake, over to North Devon then back over other several lakes to Plymouth covering much of West Devon. Some of the reporting/turning points are visible in Orbx EU LC. More appear with EU England, and I expect all will be there in TE GB South. It will be possible to identify villages and towns from the air rather than a block of landclass urbanization around the larger roads.