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  1. Nick, Ok I solved the problem by unchecking Objectflow in add-ons, restarting the simulator and selecting again, and after the next run everything back to normal Thanks
  2. Nick, It was installed into C:\Users\raf\Orbx Library\p3dv5\Orbx ObjectFlow Thanks
  3. yes, ORBXlibs installed as well as objectFlow. It's completly fresh instalation (windows+P3d v5 hotfix2). I didn't have this problems with hotfix 1. I have similar problem with ENAL but ESGG is fine. Thanks
  4. Hi, I just installed ESNQ P3dv5 hotfix2 fresh instalation and Global base Pack + OpenLc Europe + FS Global Ultimate only installed. As you can see in attached picture no textures no buildings just static planes. Thanks
  5. Hi, I just bought ENAL and planes at the gates are only a texture on the ground. Please see attached pic. I have P3dv5 hotfix2 fresh instalation and installed Global base Pack + OpenLc Europe + FS Global Ultimate. Regards
  6. It doesn't help, still no textures.
  7. I uninstalled the old one but noticed that I have Orbx ObjectFlow for P3dv4. Is that ok ?
  8. LEBB has the same problem. It is a clean installation.
  9. Hi Nick, Yes, objectflow is installed and added to addons.
  10. Hi, I just installed patched v5 (clean installation) and LEAS doesn't have taxiways and runways textures. Thanks
  11. Hi, Some problems with elevation at LSPN. Please see photos attached. I use Global, OpenLC Europe and FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - NG 2020 FTX P3D5. Thanks
  12. It works. Thank you Nick. Btw. I don't have Vector installed but for the airports with the Vector option should I tick this box or leave it unchecked. Best Regards
  13. Hi, This spire appears a few seconds after the start from rwy32 and disappears later. Thanks
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