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  1. Hello Orbx Team, Is there any update when it will be possible to turn on / off static planes in Orbx scenery using Orbx central? Regards
  2. Have you read my post? Yes, I would like to see only Orbx products. So what should I choose? Regards,
  3. Hi, Can only Orbx products be displayed in the store? I can choose any other developer but no Orbx. Thanks,
  4. I uninstalled Orbx Libraries from P3dv5 folder and installed into Orbx Library and everything is back to normal but maybe just reinstalling Libraries will help. Thanks
  5. I have exactly the same problem with LEAS and LEBB (I installed only these 2 airports so far). It is also a fresh P3dv5.1 install with a hotfix.
  6. The same here. Until today, everything was fine. Now Orbx doesn't recognize MSFS. Re-scan doesn't help. Update. It's started working after updating MSFS Regards
  7. Thank you Nick. I thought the last update changed something. I haven't had this problem before Regards,
  8. Hi Team, Please see attached link showing problem with levitating lights at LOWI. https://youtu.be/jJF-4ZZLdzc Thanks, Sorry, but created the post in the wrong place. Could you please move it on the Microsoft Flight Simulator support forum
  9. Hi Max, Maybe because it's currently summer. Could you change seazon to winter or spring and confirm that textures are ok and you are not using EU England or True Earth England. Thanks
  10. Nick, Ok I solved the problem by unchecking Objectflow in add-ons, restarting the simulator and selecting again, and after the next run everything back to normal Thanks
  11. Nick, It was installed into C:\Users\raf\Orbx Library\p3dv5\Orbx ObjectFlow Thanks
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