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  1. Really great, Sabretooth78! Thank you very much! I will think of your job, every time I fly there. Greetings and health! Bram Stikkel
  2. Hello Nick, Thank you for your reply. I have contacted @Sabretooth78 and hope he can repair it. Then it can be added to an update for Vector or South America, depending what addon causes the problem. Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  3. Hello Nick, Today, in the midst of all MSFS2020 enthousiasm, I was wondering, wether the big error in the mouth of the Suriname River, Paramaribo, will ever be fixed. It is a rather big error and clearly an error in the generation of this missing water surface. This can be concluded from the very tiny 'river' that is running exactly there where in reality is the border of the much bigger watersurface. Since this is an error close to the main town of Suriname, it would be worth correcting this, I would say, Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  4. So beautifull! LOL: Here I see the several shots that seem to have the red-orange soil color I am searching for in the LC Africa screenshots :-)
  5. Museumkeeper, thanks for linking me this topic. Let's hope the discount offer comes back now and then. Kind regards! Bram
  6. I might have missed some news, but today I tried to see how much Innsbrück for X-Plane would cost, considering I have allready purchased Innsbrück for FSX/P3Dv4. I could not see any discount applied? Is the discount when allready having the product for the other sim, not available anymore? Kind regards, Bram Stikkel
  7. Hi Bassman, Thanks for your reply. I think, with GSGlobal 2010, there will not be issues, but with the more detailed FSGlobal products there sometimes are. Example: at Tapini a FSGlobal Ultimate mesh tile must be deactivated because it causes meshproblems there. As far as I understand, when having two meshproducts active, simply the highest points are visible. So, a more detailed meshproduct, does not neccesarily have to be at all locations higher then a less refined mesh-addon. That's why it can be neccesary to switch of parts of FSGlobal. Greetings, Bram Stikkel
  8. Hello Jarrad and Jim (ArjunaZ), Thanks for your replies. Sorry for not responding quicker, I miss things, sometimes. Great to hear there will be communication about the OZx addons with the devellopers. They also devellop great addons! Jim's request to create an automatic switch off function for the overlapping MESH files, is a great idear. Mayby not so difficult to create and a great improvement compared with manually switching off the relevant FSGlobal meshfiles. Maybe add this option to the productconfiguration section? Thanks both ! Bram
  9. Looking absolutely great ! Ik have a request and a question 1. Because Australia v2 comes with mesh, could you by that time, add instructions about which files of FS Global products should be de-activated.. Just switching off Oceania, would affect other area's too. 2. How about the compatability of the OZx addons? With so many new airports, I could imagine, there is going to be some overlap. Thanks for your replies. Bram Stikkel
  10. Hi John Venema, Great to see so many POI's in the True Earth Great Britain South. Would it be an idear to port these POI's over to the Orbx region England too? I would be very happy with that. Thanks! Bram Stikkel
  11. Admitted, I have not been very quick in reporting back at this issue. Actually, even with your helpfull information, I have not managed to find the correct mesh file and after that I left the case for a while. If you have more idears to find it...
  12. Hi vfr_steve, Do you mean the Ortho clarity in Great Britain North is better then in the Great Britain South and Great Britain Middle product ? And, did you want to explain, that TrueEarth Great Britain North causes new buildings in Northern Ireland, Belfast, though it is officially not included in TrueEarth Great Britain North? Or do I understand this wrong? Thanks for explaining. Kind regards Bram Stikkel
  13. chesky16, do you have purchased the Orbx Global Vector product? If you don't have it, the not being highligted of the Global Vector configure button is logical. And if you don't have Global Vector, the problem cannot be caused by it (seems to me, as average user)
  14. Okay, sorry for apparently have missed that or - occurring more and more often - have forgotten that...:-)
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