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  1. someone asked me sometime ago ( What is santa bringing you this year, ) I replied an apple, a pear, & an orange. she then said " What no nuts"? I replied He better had, because I have worked mine off me this year. Merry xmas & stay safe. regards.
  2. If ever you are there & are invited to dinner, be careful as to what you say for you could be the main part of the menu.
  3. After much thought & consideration it seems that six Orbx personal are required, 1 CEO to inform chairmanof impending task & to decide which bulb to change. 2. developer to decide who is to do the job 3. Moderator to decide what size bulb to use IE' local size or landclass size. 4. Administrator to make sure job is done. 5. Ian Emms to photo job. 6. Nick to move it to another place. Have a great day. regards.
  4. Hi Rodger Now you have had the operation, I thought you should get some excercize, so i have entered you in the virtual New York Marathon starts Nov 1st. Its a mere 26 miles , But in your condition you get a start of 25miles 800yds. good luck we shall all be cheering you on. regards. ps. Keep takeing the tablets.
  5. Hi Roger, Good luck with your hip-replacement & wish you a speedy recovery. Now only thing I know about Hip is hip/hop music, not my scene though, I'm more the 40's/ 50's 60's era. As for shoulder, was always told to put my shoulder to the wheel, & the knee I explained in previous topic. Which leaves 2020, Not at all interested, quite happy with P3D 4.5 & all the add on bought for it. Regards.
  6. hi roger, here we go again with another bit of nonsense, well I don't know about beer although I have been told its good for cleaning drains, As for gin the only supply in this house is owned by "she who must be obeyed" so I can't try that one. For vodka, the best comes from Poland where it is called Wodka, the 120 proof is the best, not only does it sanitize your hands but it embalms your arms up to your thoat. Which leaves whisky. As there are two sorts ( blended & malt) the differenceis quite profound. there are about 3500 different makes of whisky but the best
  7. Hi Rodger Pretty good stuff this WD40, I slid accross the yard & slammed into next doors fence, upon which the next door neighbour came out to see what all the noise was about, she was still administering the kiss of life to me when the one that must be obeyed saw us, needless to say I now share the kennel with the dog regards, Good idea this meaningless topic week,
  8. I used to be quite handy with all these tools, used the hammer to start the screw in the wood then the pliers to straighten the screw then the screwdriver to finish the job. But with the passing of time & the onsett of arthritis that has sadly passed. Then I read in a National newspaper someone used WD40 on his arthitic knees to ease the pain & make them more movable, so I thought I would try the same, well I sprayed my knees & rubbed it in then decided to clean the kitchen floor, got down on my knees & started to clean then " whoosh" I went flying across the floor
  9. Just noticed in the birthday list that it is Jae Kay's birthday ( remember him ), always a stalwart of flight sim, just shy of 10 yrs with Orbx, carried on with ozx until site was hacked then suddenly departed & never returned. would love to know how he fares & wish him well, & happy birthday. roger.
  10. so sorry to hear of Bruce's passing, ever helpful in simulation problems, will be sadly missed by all simflyers. my condolences to Bruce's familly on their sad loss. regards, Roger.
  11. like the comedian spike milligan had put on his ( i told you i was ill )
  12. 78 & have most of the age problems mentioned above. been retired 15yrs but am thinking of going back to work as i could do with a rest. two hrs flight simming online @ digitalthemepark daily, ( mainly bush flying ) roger.
  13. hi all, there is one simple solution, if the price is high in your own opinion, then don't buy. as for me I am amazed @ the value you get when buying Orbx sceneries. regards.
  14. its the birthday to-day of that prolific painter of aircraft Ron Attwood 76 yrs young & still going strong . very happy birthday Ron regards roger. rumour has it that if you are in the Chelmsford area you can drop in for a celebratory drink. ( but it is only a rumour )
  15. hi, highly recommended scenery, also compatible with misty moorings scenery, install all, you will not regret it. tongass- payware misty moorings - freeware.
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