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  1. like the comedian spike milligan had put on his ( i told you i was ill )
  2. 78 & have most of the age problems mentioned above. been retired 15yrs but am thinking of going back to work as i could do with a rest. two hrs flight simming online @ digitalthemepark daily, ( mainly bush flying ) roger.
  3. hi all, there is one simple solution, if the price is high in your own opinion, then don't buy. as for me I am amazed @ the value you get when buying Orbx sceneries. regards.
  4. its the birthday to-day of that prolific painter of aircraft Ron Attwood 76 yrs young & still going strong . very happy birthday Ron regards roger. rumour has it that if you are in the Chelmsford area you can drop in for a celebratory drink. ( but it is only a rumour )
  5. hi, highly recommended scenery, also compatible with misty moorings scenery, install all, you will not regret it. tongass- payware misty moorings - freeware.
  6. if he has been cool calm & collected over the last two weeks ,he must be on the happy pills. regards, roger.
  7. having read the various comments re working around paypal purchases, I come to the conclusion no paypal , no purchase. fortunately I have enough orbx scenery & airports to last me two lifetimes, ( I would have loved lowi,& the forthcoming Germany south, but ce la vie, not going to happen.) regards.
  8. hi howard, great shot. love the lighting. regards.
  9. hi jeff, if you were disappointed with the view of this super moon, no problems , wait the next one about another hundred years & then compere size regards. roger.
  10. to my knowledge the shortest commercial route in the world is in papua new guinea, & it is from one mountain village to another , flying time is less than two minutes. regards.
  11. hi wolter, glad you are back in the fold, some were that worried you were not online they climbed Hollands highest point,(which is probably the top of Amsterdam Cathedral ) to see if you were around, such was the concern. regards.
  12. hi, do not touch the chelmsford smoking chimney, its part of english heritage & besides Ron would be totally lost without it. regards
  13. hi calum, I have used pilots 2010 mesh for several years & found it an excellent product, however since moving to p3d from fsx I have installed a freeware mesh from nine two productions, which is equally as good if not better & being a canny scot you will be very interested in the price as it is freeware.. be aware it is a very big file, but you can download it by sections. regards.
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