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  1. I want to know,which size i can expect for the TE regions England and NA for P3D released later this year. I need new HDD`s or an SSD.How far will i come with an 2TB SSD? Mike
  2. Okay, last question:do you think,that the 4TB WD Black is a good HDD? I use WD HDD`s for more than 15 years and had never any problem. Mike
  3. Thanks Nick, There is no speed difference? Mike
  4. There are two options: 1TB SSD for P3Dv4 and a 4TB HDD for ORBX and addons or No SSD and P3Dv4 and ORBX on the 4TB HDD WD Black? Mike
  5. Hi guys, i want to know what size of the future True Earth regions we can expect,when they are installed? Planning to buy a new HDD,thinking about a 3 or 4TB HDD. Mike
  6. After reading John´s post again and the other post here http://prusaprinters.org/warning-businesses-never-use-paypal-primary-payment-method/?utm_source=Prusa3D.com&utm_campaign=a490210fd7-mk2_mmu_cz&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_4199f6d18b-a490210fd7-123200581&goal=0_4199f6d18b-a490210fd7-123200581 i decided to support you guys at ORBX a bit and purchased KBID and ENSG with my CC. Unbelievable what PayPal is doing with the business partners. Mike
  7. John,i can really feel your pain and it is very sad to read about your issues with PP. I can only hope,you will get that sorted. A ppcc is no option for me because of the yearly costs. Most other choices will mean to me,that i have to pay more money to get your products. €40 is a lot of money,i am retired because of my disability. I`m sorry to say that,but i will make no changes in my payement behaviour only for one shop. My Cc was also hacked some years ago,so no payements with my Cc anymore. I wish you all the best to find an acceptable solution and i see,that you have a very big issue with your business. Mike
  8. You should really overthink this decision at ORBX. Most people are using PayPal because it is easy and safe. Many here don´t have a creditcard for several reasons. Please listen to your customers! Mike
  9. If you speak about FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation ,i would be careful. I askek for a recommendation in the Support Forums,but all Devs seems to use FSGlobal 2010. As long,as ORBX doesn`t give three greens for the "Next Generation",i will not buy it. I really don`t need new problems with elevation and other issues. My 2 cents. Mike
  10. I know,but this happens the first time in more than ten years. Bought both products yesterterday and still no downloable files available. Payed with PayPal as usual. Can someone from ORBX or FSS help me please. Mike
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