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  1. FSS0006453 (AU Gold + AU Blue), FSS0009107 (Melbourne Intl Airport V1), FSS0011743 (AU Green) , FSS0013589 (AU Red), FSS0022841 (Avalon Airport) , FSS0076916 (Melbourne Intl Airport V2), FSS0122367 Essendon Airport), FSS0140935 (NZ Sth Island + Moorabbin Airport), FSS0175005 (NZ Nth Island), FSS0186670 (England), FSS0223096 (Global), FSS0233712 (Queenstown Intl Airport), FSS0242997 (Bathurst), FSS0468840 (Australia SP4) Hi everyone - I've been away for a fair while. Got a rude shock yesterday when I
  2. Update - looks like I've sorted it out! :-) Just got lucky. Tried a different installer, the AU SP4 installed successfully + it installed FTX Central 2. After that, every other installer seemed to work -hurrah! What a relief. Kind regards and best wishes to all!
  3. Hi there :-) Just picked up a brand new PC during the last 2 weeks. I'm busy downloading away getting the new machine up to date. I've installed FSX and am just blown away with the FPS (Frames per second) in its standard form - great stuff! Thought it was about time I spruced things up a bit and started installing the many ORBX titles I've purchased over the years. Can't wait to see how far I can push a brand new machine with most/all bells and whistles switched on. Problem I'm having is a 'Shared violation' message after each product is installed.
  4. Looks awesome - hehe, had a funny flashback from the movie hot shots where Lloyd Bridges is looking at the painting on the wall in his office and Bridges thinks he's looking out the window and starts yelling out to a guy on the tarmac, "Roy! ...Roy! Ahh geee. That guy never listens!"- Well, I was almost doing the same thing seeing those great pics. Can't wait! )
  5. AT LAST! My home airport!!!! Have pre-paid, and am raring to go! Looks fantastic guys. Cheers! )
  6. Hi! Yep, just wondering if there's been any movement on an Essendon Airport Add-on. p.s I have MORE than enough to keep me busy (thanks to ORBX ie. Melb & Avalon) thats for sure, just curious about my home airfield thats all. Cheerio!
  7. I always take off 2 weeks around (avalon) airshow time. I take a video camera along to see what I can come up with. Might go Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Prefer it on the Trade days. Fridays good for seeing the F-111s, Hornets at night.....last opportunity to see the F-111. Very sad. (
  8. Just a bit of an update - I played around with the config.sys box. ie. Shut down everything! startup & processes the works. Defraged...restarted FSX and checked the framerate. Outside I was getting 70fps!!!!!!! god help us! bit different from 15! However, inside there was a bit drop but not bad. Only problem was I had no sound. So I ticked a few boxes, tried again. Sweet!! )
  9. Hello again - Happy New Year by the way! Yeah, beats me!?!?!?! I use game shadow (which automatically updates games, drivers etc), use defrag, smart defrag, disk cleanup, end it all (which closes down programs running in the background), registry mechanic. I've checked Windows update. Everything seems up-to-date (driver wise etc) Mmmmm......... p.s Of course the problems I'm having aren't the fault of ORBX. The ORBX software is great stuff! - This is simply a problem with running FSX on an up-to-date machine.
  10. I have a q9550, GTX280, 4gb ram, Raptor Hd, Vista 1 and am gettig disappointing results. Usually 12-15fps (just for fun, choose lowest settings for everything -including resolution- and got no more than 30fps) Not sure where to go to next? Cheers
  11. I'll never forget a RDO 3 years back when I looked in the paper which advertised scholarship offers at Essendon Airport. Anyway, took the plunge. Did some basic tests, did the walk around a Cessna 152 then got to taxi, takeoff, fly over port phillip bay then line up for Essendon near the west gate bridge, bring it all the way in and after 50 mins of flight, the instructor took over just over the freeway/airport fenceline, literally 10 seconds away from landing...was just awesome. (I expected to get a go in level flight at some point for 5 minutes, not 99.9% of the flight!!!!) One of the
  12. I'd love to get my hands on an RAAF version of the grey C130 -030 model!
  13. Hi there, Those are actually the same specs I have. (picked up the new machine mid Nov) Its true. Even on this fairly up to date machine, I'm getting disappoinitng results/fps. The tweaking tip sounds pretty necessary at this stage...just a question of what & how? I'm normally getting 15fps (just to see what would happen, I lowered all settings and I only get 28fps!?!?!?! ( p.s I use Vista Ultimate, defrag/smart defrag, disk cleanup, end it all, registry mechanic, game shadow but still get poor results. Would nHancer make the difference??? Cheers + Happy New Year
  14. Hi there, Previously - all FTX products installed flawlessly (ie. Traffic 100, Lilydale 1.5, Freeware 120, Melb Intl, Blue, Gold, Green) Since upgrading my PC, (reinstalling Vista, FSX Accel, disk cleanup, registry cleans, restarts etc.) only Traffic 100, Lilydale 1.5 & GOLD have installed properly. Problems I'm having are: CRCs or Corrupt Errors, can't find destination, error 0x80004005. And remember: these are coming from the original download files which installed flawlessly on the old pc not something I downloaded 5 minutes ago on an unhealthy machine. The HD is a velociraptor
  15. New Zealand...what a beautiful place! Did a contiki there in February (Sth Island). Everywhere you went, mountains everywhere - and sheep! BAAAA!!! And Queenstown! Don't get me started on Queenstown! (The Groups Fav!) Definately coming back over to Queenstown ('The Adventure Capital of the World'!). I'd definately pick up an ORBX New Zealand!
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