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  1. I use what is suggested here in the forums which is place Orbx Airports and Regions below your lowest addon scenery and Orbx Global and openLC below Airports and Regions. Then run Sync Simulator. FTX Central will place everything including Vector in the right layer. Lee
  2. I didn't remove vector, it just got placed in the correct layer. That made a difference. Lee
  3. Very strange, I had the same problem, then I discovered my insertion points in FTX Central were incorrect, so I put them back to where they are supposed to be, synched everything and it seems like everything clicked correctly in my sceneries, and the next time I planned a route it loaded in no time. Could it all be due to a layering problem? I'll try it out on some more upcoming flights and check back here. Lee
  4. Domi, have a look at this. I wonder if this works in V5, https://www.inibuilds.com/gsx-papua-new-guinea Lee
  5. I think the GSX V2 menu gives you the option to disable jetways in a given scenery so you can put in SODE jetways. Lee
  6. Did they miss a payment to the snowplow drivers? Great shots. Lee
  7. It makes a big difference in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean as well, a major improvement. Lee
  8. Yes, I've encountered that as well. Hoping for a fix from Orbx. Lee
  9. Thanks for the update Larry. Okay, fair enough, I'll disable the sceneries for the moment and see what develops . I might, however, keep the ferries going. They don't seem to have a problem. Lee
  10. The new CAC8, CAE3, and CAG8 freeware harbor airports are great to have in V5 and they look terrific. However, there's a glitch in each and everyone of them when sitting at the start dock. The FPS drops drastically, just at the dock. Once you taxi away from the dock everything is fine. I am wondering if that could be checked for any anomalies. I've done fresh installs with each one of them and per Central, they are all installed to the library, like all my other Orbx sceneries. All my other sceneries are fine, these are the only ones with this glitch. Lee
  11. With Simstarter, you must save the scenery after you change it and then make sure you assign that scenery to your load in profile. In my case it's my Profile1. That's the one I load and I make sure any scenery changes are saved to the scenery configuration that goes with that profile.
  12. I find that some of that comes from using the Enhanced Atmosphere setting. Try it without EA.
  13. I wonder if the recent release of Envshade for V5 could do a bit of magic with the default look.
  14. Adam, I don't know if you are using the enhanced atmospherics or not. I debate using them, though interesting, I feel the colors are a bit more vivid without the enhanced atmospherics on. I have wound up more with just the default on. We'll see what happens when the folks at Envshade and others show up.
  15. Nothing fancy, no tweaks, no weather, just basic out of the box. Dawn over Honolulu City. A lot of great promise here.
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