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  1. Okay, I follow you now Carlos, thanks for taking the time to write it out. I did try it, but P3D V4 will not add the Kos airport unless I move it out of the Addons folder as it keeps stating that there's already a scenery in that path. I'll try later and put it into a different path.
  2. Carlos, where is the xml file you refer to, I'm not quite following you? Thanks!
  3. Dario, check out the super Ethiopian NGXu repaint!
  4. I just unticked Kos in the addon configuration manager and my trees showed up at Sekiu again. I have the free Kos, so Gaya is not giving us any updates on the scenery. I do have Skiathos and Chania so in my case the offender is Kos (free version) I will keep it off until a fix shows up.
  5. I have 442.59 and they work fine, none of what you describe occurs.
  6. It's a marvelous program. You really need to find the YouTube videos on how to install and set it up. That's how I finally understood it better. The Chaseplane manual isn't much, but once you get the hang of the program you can do a lot with it.
  7. Just one of an afternoon arrival in Pago Pago, from Fituta, after being bounced around in the heavy clouds for a awhile. Lee
  8. It's all a balancing act isn't it? You have to give up in some areas to get what you want. I stay away from the texture size tweak as well as dynamic lights. They take too much performance away. You work to find that middle ground where your system cruises along comfortably, and yet things still look good.
  9. Something is awry somewhere in your PC system or P3D setup, because I have the same PC specs you have and I get very good FPS at Honolulu with FSDT PHNL with FSLabs or PMDG. Go through all your specs again. Do you have dynamic lights on? Maybe switch them off. Try different things. I run 8xMSAA, but I switch off Vsync and Trilinear because they cause my frames to drop. High resolution terrain can be an FPS hog. I have a 4K monitor, so I keep things like terrain and stuff at moderate settings, it still looks good. Level of detail radius is safer at High and Autogen draw distance, anything over medium can eat performance. It's all a balancing act. Why don't you try deleting your P3D CFG and the shaders and start over by rebuilding a new cfg and start with modest settings on your sliders and see where you are performance wise. Then you can slowly raise sliders, checking which ones might be causing you problems. This advice is not fool proof, it's just some ideas to try. Lee
  10. There's a small extra flatten file that I found that Dillingham installs in the World/Scenery directory, Make sure that's there. I think the name of the extra file is 0_phdh_af2_header.BGL Lee
  11. Odd, I just did the above steps, but my 11S trees are still missing. Lee
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