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  1. Great shots! I'll bet the pilot in the Avro froze his you-know-what off! Lee
  2. Thank you Urmel, that did the trick! I am delighted that you might be updating more AFCADs for ORBX airports. They can use your touch.
  3. Urmel, how did you get rid of the double jetways at KIGP? I can't get rid of the extra one.
  4. Awesome, atmospheric shot!
  5. You have to run the livery program as administrator for it to work. Lee
  6. Those are some nice shots! Didn't I read somewhere that a new Heinkel is being made for P3D V4?
  7. For the Florida Keys, have a look at Latin VFR Key West. It now blends better with ORBX.
  8. Those captures and that scenery look terrific, I may have to reinstall SoCal in order to get it. I uninstalled SoCal because I couldn't take the constant pauses, but now I am craving that Big Bear area, oh well, back to the pauses. I just got that bird, it's a gem!
  9. Yikes! A bit overloaded? Love the shots.
  10. Easing down the Adriatic from Dubrovnik to Corfu A noisy climb out of Block Island Waiting to board at Ibiza Turning over the Mediterranean on way to Mallorca
  11. Simply amazing! Art imitates life, imitates art, imitates life and around the circle we go!
  12. Ha, ha. love that, "gopher view", that's the first time I've seen that around here. You could make a whole series out of that!
  13. Thanks for all the fun and nice comments everyone! I could tell some of you were hungry.
  14. Nothing fancy, just plain V captures...dawn leaving Vienna and later arriving at Pula...love the new 717.
  15. Jankees, you're paints are always amazing! May I put in a little plug for some Central and South American repaints?
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