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  1. I have the Paris City Pack. I went and checked LICR and it is totally fine, nothing abnormal. Something else might be causing the problem, some other file. Do you have a lot of freeware in the community folder? Lee
  2. In MSFS I get 40s and 50s FPS on my rig, using the XCub and clear weather, however the area around the Louvre and the Place de La Concorde has a few problems and my FPS will drop a bit and there are a few stutters. Elsewhere else it's okay. I keep my settings mostly at high (buildings included) with a few at ultra like depth of field. Lee
  3. Out of respect for Nielsen's marvelous hard work on this, his own project, I think I will wait for his official release. Lee
  4. I will definitely look into it. I also got a lot of good ideas from the RD Presets Guide, very useful. Lee
  5. The community folder redo was the easiest part of my reset. I use the MSFS Addon Linker, which made it much easier. I made a copy of the community folder to my desktop. Once FS 2020 was reinstalled, I moved certain sceneries back into the community folder. I ran Orbx Central and ran verify files with each Orbx addon, which refreshed all the pertinent links. I then refreshed the addon linker and everything, like my chosen liveries, got put back correctly. Lee
  6. Did it all, worked out great! Yes, it seems a lot smoother and working much better. After an 8 and a half hour 95 GIB download and installation, I realized that you then have to add all the content. It took another couple of hours to do all that. Whew! It's finally all done. I don't know what to say, there will be more patches coming and more content. I'll stay with their program for a while, but after a few patches it might be necessary to reset the whole thing again. Ouch! Lee
  7. Your advice makes complete sense and I think you have hit on a really good thought. I always did it successfully with P3D. I am curious, what did you do about 3rd party addons? I was thinking of copying the Community folder to my desktop temporarily and then moving it back after checking new reinstall. Or, maybe would it be better to reinstall all addons all over again? What did you do? Lee
  8. Delete the gusts section of the wind settings, that causes the turbulence. The other thing I do is pull the wind speed back until the gusts settings go away. Lee
  9. Thanks for the update Greg, I assumed it might be an SDK issue and will get updated eventually. In the meantime we will distribute snorkeling gear to all our drivers! Lee
  10. Wow, really nice shots. It seems that if you add an xbox controller to you PC, you can control the drone much easier. Lee
  11. I'd prefer to have no statics at any scenery. I am disappointed I can't remove them, or, is there a way I can? Lee
  12. I just installed Orcas and London City in MFSF2020. I am wondering why neither gives me the configuration file or the docs. Lee
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