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  1. Somewhere I have read about a possible new version for Australia? Are there still plans for an updated Australia?
  2. New England Maritimes - that sounds like a great area! Definitely like the idea!
  3. Thanks for the reply! Looking fantastic...seems like I'll have to get ASCA then.
  4. Nice screenshots there! May I ask which cloud textures and weather Add-On you are using in those shots?
  5. I can only agree with you! Would love to see some further regions in that area! Maybe also a region expanding towards Colorado...there are still so many great opportunities in NA!
  6. I'd love to see KHDN Yampa Valley Airport covered as an enhanced airport. I think it would perfectly complement Aspen, Telluride and Eagle Vail also being located close to the mountains and getting some ski charters in winter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yampa_Valley_Airport
  7. Hi Nick, I certainly know them and their sceneries, but as far as I know they are good for freeware but far from anything ORBX or any other payware company can offer their customers. I'd love to see a payware version (in the quality of ORBX, FlyTampa or the likes) of the mentioned airports. I have seen the preview thread in Aerosoft's forum for FAOR, but unfortunately there hasn't been any news for ages... Cheers, Sebastian
  8. Thanks for the previews, John! Really love the fact that Africa is finally getting some love by one of the big developers. Can we also expect one or the other airport scenery in the long term? I think places like Cape Town (FACT), Jo'burg (FAOR) or Addis Abeba (HAAB) are in dire need of some high class sceneries.
  9. No problem there, the map together with the list that comes with the download is more than sufficient for me. Cheers, Sebastian
  10. Thanks Brian and Ken, appreciate your help! That map is exactly what I've been looking for!
  11. Thanks for your answer, Brian! Ok, so I understand that if an airport already has been upgraded with a full region it gets an even better (or more realistic) upgrade with the Freeware packs?
  12. Hello, I am an avid user of the whole FTX Global Eco System and just recently discovered the generous Global Freeware Packs for both EU and NA. Still I am hesitant to install them, as I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there some list with all the airports coming with the packs? I am not a big fan of installing a huge pack without really knowing which airports are affected by it. 2. How about the upgraded airports within FTX regions? I see that some of the Global Freeware airports are located within some of the full ORBX regions and I am wondering what happens to
  13. Thanks for your reply, Bernd! One question: Should I set FS Global's "Terrain Config Tool" to Default or FS Global 2010? Thanks, Sebastian
  14. Hi Neil, thanks for your reply! I have ran the "Auto-Configuration" of the Vector tool, unfortunately with the same result...the canyon and lakes still persist. At least I managed to solve the problem with the desert texture by simply reinstalling the latest ORBX libraries. I also tried to run the "Terrain Config Tool" which comes with FS Global 2010. I don't really know which setting in the tool is the correct one..."FS Global 2010" or "Default". Considering that I also have Vector running, I am not sure which setting in the FS Global tool is the right one. M
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