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  1. Hi Graham, just checking if this is available yet? Not trying to rush you Cheers, Nick
  2. Back to where it all began! A must buy for sure
  3. Sweet, needs a couple of St John ambos though
  4. Hey Jarrad and FS2 team, looks amazing! How does the sloping runway work? Does it rely on a HD mesh or is it a 3d model? Can we see a ground level shot of the runway or is it not that pronounced at Innsbruck? Thanks a lot! Nick
  5. Hi Jarrad, will the 1m imagery be resampled to 1.2m or 0.6m? Looks amazing!
  6. Hey Ed, Are you including the customised GSX file with the airport?
  7. Hi Graham, great to see you've returned for a final hurrah - unfortunatly that'll mean the last of the AirNZ 747's and QF767's go Oh well, progress eh!
  8. Thanks for the insight, always good to learn more. Would part of that come from the fact that (if larger numbers were required) CPUs are just so good at calculations on numbers? I didn't think about the io to and from disk. Good point. Although with the sim allowing you to fly anywhere how would you know what to cache in memory? Or would you just throw everything in?
  9. Just changing the sim from 32bit to 64bit wouldn't improve performance, in fact it might make it slightly slower as now the computer has to crunch 8 byte numbers instead of 4 byte ones. The only advantage of 64bit (apart from marketing, which is doing a fantastic job ) is allow the application to use way more memory. That's a good thing for the users as then the OOMs won't be showing up anytime soon. Except the same could be achieved with memory management and you get the feature of retaining backwards compatibility (whether that's a good thing is another story). Memory management would be a lot harder as you have to find where you're losing memory, or rather where you could be freeing it (e.g. that scenery that was loaded in at the beginning of the flight that is now hours away and out of view), which in a code base as big as FSX/P3D (I can only imagine) isn't an easy thing. LM are making headway with this and are probably still working on it. In terms of putting it into an analogy, memory management is like plugging holes in a boat taking on water, going 64bit without fixing memory leaks is like buying a bigger boat. To be honest I'm not bothered one way or the other, I want advances as much as the next guy.So bring on the new sims, I guess.
  10. NZ255

    ESSA Arlanda

    Wow. Westpac is a loooong way from home
  11. Is this the latest on AA? Hasn't been put on hold in the mean time? I know this project has been stopped a few times
  12. Always look forward to your updates, Frank. Can't wait to see the full flight videos
  13. Hi Iain, what CPU and GPU do you have?
  14. How's the performance of this mystery software? [emoji6]
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