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  1. Hey guys Hoping someone can assist me where possible. Pulling my hair out to fix this little issue I'm having. Had both ORBX Gold Coast and Fly Tampa working well together but I did a change somewhere and its stuffed up my scenery library order affecting now Fly Tampa Sydney and Gold Coast. I need to place the Fly Tampa Sydney Scenery at the highest point to ensure the scenery loads in correctly. Doing this however mucks up the Gold Coast scenery which I cant eliminate those damm trees on the taxiway even with enable legacy layering enabled unless Gold Coast is at the top of the scenery library. Using ORBX Central, I've tried nearly every option but can't fix my order of scenery as its grayed out due to me having my orbx airport and region libraries on a separate drive (D) using .xml format. I have my Fly Tampa Sydney scenery loaded into my P3DV4 folder. I have also tried syn the simulator but this allows the fly tampa scenery to work but gold coast for some reason needs to be at the top??? I have also tried uninstalling both Gold Coast Airport and Fly Tampa on separate occasions to no avail. If I place the Gold Coast as Top of Scenery Library and have Enable Legacy Layering ticked, this fixes the tree issue at Gold Coast Airport but stuffs up my Fly Tampa Scenery. Visa Versa if Fly Tampa is at top of scenery library, that works but Gold Coast Airport is affected again. I have noticed that ORBX!OpenLC_Europe1 is sitting in a lonely spot on its own in layer 17 which I cant fix. If I place Fly Tampa below orbx airports and regions and Global LC, it creates Fly Tampa Sydney on its own in layer 17 and Sydney LC (Unticked) and it's Library directly under the next lot of greyed out items. Hope this isn't too confusing. Its got me beat how I can fix it. Love some assistance to fix this if issue if its at all possible. Cheers Dave
  2. Hi Im also getting this issue and using Global, Vector, AUV2, Gold Coast City Scene and YBCG airport scenery. Has anyone as of yet, found the solution to this Issue with the trees as everything has been installed correctly from my end as far as I know. I’m also getting a flashing texture issue with the building at the northern end of the airport, I think it’s the desalination plant which is blue, yellow and white. Has anyone encountered this too????
  3. Hey guys, Having installed Orbx Central 4.033 from scratch, I decided to use the add on.xml method and send my orbx product’s over to my D drive and I named it D:/Orbx Libraries. Everything loads in well and seems to be operating well but this won’t allow me to change my scenery library around. These airports are sitting under add ons. I may need to revert the folder back into my C drive which I have P3D installed. Would this fix this issue?? I have seen a program which allows you to change your Add On.xml’s around manually but I’m worried this may do more harm than good. I thought I would check first to see if anyone else has experienced this issue before and whether a fix or another solution is recommended as I would like the opportunity to have these libraries moved around as I have other airports and regions still to add in including fly Tampa Sydney which requires it to be above the orbx libraries.
  4. Thanks John Hope it’s a easy fix. As I installed fresh onto a new ssd so no old files left over, installed fresh windows 10, then installed fresh new P3DV4.5 4.5 then new orbx central installed followed by Global, Vector, AUV2 followed by Cairns Airport then Brisbane I also carried out the normal elevation configuration through vector everytime a new scenery was created, So no traces of FSX or Ozx scenery was installed prior.
  5. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has experienced this before and might be able to provide me a fix. After a fresh new installation of P3Dv4.5 Hot Fix 2 with Orbx Central installed, Im slowly loading in new orbx regions. Started with Global, Vector, Australia V2, then added airports. Cairns, Brisbane. All good with install so far. Loaded onto a brand new SSD. Puzzled now why this may be happening. Does anyone know how I can fix this little issue I'm having with cars travelling around on dirt roads and roads/highways not looking correct. Have studied the YBBN Manual and set scenery settings as preferred. Have also checked to ensure Australia V2 is selected in control panel and it is. The rest of the airport looks fine. Just the outside airport road network Interested in some help if anyone can assist me please. Regards Dave
  6. Cheers Capt SL, HMMMMMM!!! Its now February 2014 and no one hasn't fixed this since 2011 That's progress!!!
  7. Hi Guys Seem to be having an issue when at Cairns taxiing out to Runway 15 to Bravo 2 intersection at dusk/night. As the photos illustrate, the taxiway lines seem to disappear, only does this on my computer when setting time and day to dusk/night setting. During the day is okay and doesn't fault. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue before?? Very interested to know if anyone can provide some technical assistance or offer me a quick fix if there is one available. Many thanks Regards Davo79
  8. Hi Everyone, A really unusual situation I'm encountering with FTX Australia Traffic Version 4.0 in conjunction with ORBX Brisbane Airport. I start up the FSX Simulator and load up my choice of plane at any given gate at ORBX Brisbane Airport, loads all good. Let the plane sit at the gate and slew around and monitor the operation of the FTX Traffic to find Aircraft taxiing to take off on runway 19 whilst planes land 01 causing a conflict. Continue to let it go for a bit longer and start to see aircraft landing runway 19, aircraft taking off runway 19 and still aircraft landing 01. Have installed A1 smooth thinking this may help but it hasn't. I find one aircraft lined up on Runway 19 whilst another is about to land 01?? I'm puzzled and out of options?? Not sure if this is do with a BGL fault, Duplicate AFCAD files or whether its weather related from confusion between default weather and REX Environment Extreme 2.0 I've got installed. I'm about to delete REX Environment Extreme 2.0 having just ordered in REX essential plus with Overdrive. The odd thing happens at Melbourne Airport as well but I know the crosswind option is selected. Anyone out there who knows a solution to my problem to fix this traffic issue at Brisbane, any assistance you can provide is much appreciated. Cheers Guys Davo79
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