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  1. Thanks Nick I hope so too This is a bit of a pain Once again Thanks for trying to solve this Major problem Regards Mike
  2. OK What do you want me to do By the way I have Team Viewer and Team speak on my computer if you want to get into my machine Mike
  3. Nick I've done I think as instructed I cleared the two red buttons as shown in my screen shot Regards Mike
  4. Hi Nick Posted a zipped folder of my Log File IF I have done it right Regards Mike LOG.zip
  5. HI Nick, How do I post the Log file. I see its a text file but I cant get it to drag into my reply Regards Mike
  6. Thanks Nick, I believe to get the log file, I go into Central Help? But how can I copy it to send to you/Orbx, also I tried to cancel NA AI by clicking the "X" the NA AI and that red line has been running now for over Three quarter of an Hour it seems central is not talking to my sim
  7. Hi Nick, I installed a fresh copy of Central for P3d v4.5 this morning after unplugging the computer over night and as you can see from the screen shot it is still the same with the NA AI is still frozen at 70%. Awaiting your (Orbx) Solution so I can carry on downloading My scenery/Airports and fly over some descent scenery Regards Mike
  8. OK Nick, Thanks for the reply. I have removed the TE GB from my sim+libraries. Now perhaps you can explain to me this question. I have removed all the files for NA AI that I can find on my computer. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Central 3/4 times and central still comes back exactly the same It seems as though Central is stuck in a loop?!. This has been going on now for two days and a night NA AI Frozen at 70% with two other programs underneath it, one being TE South the other is Libraries I cannot get any further because NA AI is Stuck and will not let me cancel the install So at th
  9. I have this problem The NA AI is frozen on70% and will not let me install my TE GB Central Southern and North properly. When I go into the sim P3D v4.5 Win 10 Home edition I get these pop-ups Could some please help I' not what you could call Computer literate Infact I quite a Donkey so simple explanations would be appreciated Regards Mike
  10. Mate. I have had no problems with Any of my downloads using Central be it FSX/P3d3/4 and now X-Plane 11. I think to get the simple Help, you seem to need Is to Curb you manners that way you will not get peoples backs up (such as mine). Unlike the gentalmen and ladies on support Team, I would have thrown your message into the bin When asking for help speak to people as you would like tobe spoken to by others.
  11. John Thanks, but I have just one question. Is this only for people with V.R on their comps or can a poor soul like me use it/them
  12. Looking very good. I purchased the very 1st OZ on disc way back, when VOZ became Orbx and it cost me, including P&P to England and I still have the disc "125.00 GBs" So I hope I don't see any moaners about the price for OZ as i have seen from one of our American cousins.
  13. I well remember VOZ I used to try and to download it with a company called Compuserve a dial up internet thingie. Never succesfull. I read some people bemoaning the price of scenery at todays prices I still have my disc for Austrailia (Before the modern day Internet) and it cost me £85 00 posted to the UK. Oh those were the days!.
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