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  1. The problem with wrong textures on airport building exists NOT only with REX airports - I don't have this addon and since the installation of buildings HD I get strange roof textures and side textures resembling shopping mall windows on many airports. If screenshots are needed I will search.
  2. I think Dominique got it. I yesterday checked if my Turbine Duke behaves nicely and had to lower the condition lever from flight to ground idle to prevent the aircraft from rolling with throttle at idle. Must have to do with the settings of my standard flight (piston engine) - if you change the A/C to turboprop it's just not the right settings. It would be a good idea to set up a real "cold an dark" standard flight.
  3. I started with FS2 on an Amiga 500 - there was even a printed handbook with aerial charts (which I didn't have as we guys were swapping game disks ). It was fantastic - cities were yellow, all other land green, majour roads white lines, and yet I was happy when the runway came in sight after an IFR flight (which was the only educating and funny thing you could do then - VFR flying first became interesting when ORBX stepped on the scene).
  4. Now that's a nice case of a Hi-Jack-ed thread
  5. Fascinating and scary at the same time! The slow motion cabin footage of the crash had the highest goose bump factor. And hats off to the highly professional crew.
  6. I have to apologize, as I was wrong about not seeing the HD trees. After comparing screenshots with the HD texture sheets I'm now convinced that everything is OK. This closer look revealed that even the thin blue lines at the edge of the trees (seen by others too) have gone now - might have been a shader or driver issue.
  7. Hi Mike, I also have the impression that some "HD trees" I see in P3D 4.4 are not really HD. It seems to me that the installer unpacks the files to several subfolders in ORBX\Scrips\FTXtreesHD, but then some don't get copied to scenery\global. For instance, all FTXAU_*.dds files in the latter folder have a size of 174 kB while the files in the ORBX\Scrips\FTXtreesHD\ORBX_AGN_new folder are 700 kB large. Also, the ORBX_EU_AGN_TREES.bgl in Scenery\global\scenery is from 12.04.2013 while the one in the ORBX.. folder is from 21.03.2015 and a little smaller (which makes sense as the removed some geometry in the trees HD product). In my opinion, someone from the ORBX staff should have a second look at this.
  8. Scary clouds! Is this with ActiveSky Cloud Art?
  9. #1 looks best, but you can further improve it. Play with the haze and Rayleigh scattering effects, they will add depth. Imho also cloud lighting can be improved. I could PM you my settings if you are interested.
  10. Oh yes, and please consider also runways, taxiways, tarmac and roads. It would make a huge difference seeing shining sun reflections on wet asphalt compared with the dull and uniform gray we have now. Just saw this and it looked convincing: preview from a competitor - hope you don't mind.
  11. Scary! Looks like impact after 1 second.
  12. Hi JV, this reminds me of the not too realistic looking vector roads in the FSX/P3D world. Some 1-2 years ago I had a forum conversation with Holger about more plausible widths and textures for the roads. Is there something in the making now or planned for the future? Cheers Markus
  13. Hi Chris, thank you for this nice software and your kind words. With coordiante offset I meant the distance (in arc seconds or other unit) between the dots that a bright star or planet is composed of. If that could be adjusted one could experiment until the right compromise between "don't want to see pixel arrays on screen at normal zoom factor" and "brighter stars should be a bit larger" is found which depends on the pixels per inch number of the display (. Generally, I don't need larger groups of pixels. Furthermore, I found that your design of pixel groups (for instance, three pixels in a line instead of a triangle) could be improved a bit. But for now, I have a stars.dat that looks nice on my display (however, without planets, as these would require doing the manual adjustments every few days again..). As for your sim running on Cryengine - is there any sneak preview available? I'm very curious. I only found some older posts in the Cryengine forum, but alas, nothing new an no working download links. Best Regards Markus
  14. Hi teecee - did you try this one? My adjusted stars.dat from an older thread on stars
  15. Hi folks, after a lot of manual corrections in the raw file generated by AutoStarX I managed to get something reasonably well resembling the visible night sky (without planets). You are able to recognize constellations, the brightest stars are eye-catchers, but the overall brightness is not so high that stars are visible well before sunset which I found annoying. In the attached file there are the same number (some 9000) of stars as in default which is realistic, because stars of magnitude 7 are normally not visible to the naked eye. Try it out, have fun or delete it if not. Cheers, Markus stars-dat.zip
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