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  1. "Much like the relentless pursuit of frame rates in the flight simulator world, even though the frame rate is not the measure of how well a simulator is working, nor how good it looks on the screen." Absolutely love this from Nick Never a truer word typed. The best way I ever improved my fps was by turning off a fps counter.
  2. As I am not too concerned about initial loading time, but I am concerned about cost, it seems to me that a M.2 Sata card is the way to go?
  3. I wish to relate my query specifically as related to MS2020 and specifically to a 2TB size storage. All the web information seem to concentrate on OS boot times and how long a program takes to start and there does not seem to be a big difference between a M.2 PCIe NVMe connection and a M.2 SATA connection once everything is started (subjective of course; 15 seconds longer would not bother me). So once all is up and started is there a major benefit in one connection over the other, again specifically as it would relate to running MS2020? I further advise that I am looking at a Pioneer 2TB
  4. Hi KenQ, your information prompted me to google further. One is learning all the time. Duct tape was first invented by a female factory worker during World War II. It was originally called 'duck' tape because it was made out of a cotton duck fabric and it repelled water like a duck's back. (Wikipedia).
  5. Hey KenQ what do you use duck tape for? I find duct tape more useful because then you don't have to worry about ducks getting lose Having had my bit of fun, in all seriousness I have found that Gaffer tape is the essentail temporary repair tool as it is much stronger than "duck" tape
  6. I think you were correct the first time Jon, appears that Channel Islands were ommitted from TEGB for XP; pity would have made a great round VFR trip. Maybe there is some freeware on other websites. Stay safe over there. Cheers Dan
  7. I have an Orbx KMZ that shows lot's of POI maybe they were just in the Orbx scenery for UK before the advent of the TEGB series? So does anybody have a current KMZ for the TEGB series so that I do not have to waste time looking for old POI's that are no longer there
  8. Does the TEGB scenery for X-Plane include all the points of interest. i.e. Les Casquets Lighthouse near Alderney and Castle Cornet on Guernsey to name a few that are in the FSX version? I have Orbx KMZ file from 2018 which shows all the Orbx POI's however I cannot find them in my X-Plane version? I also attach my Scenery packs.ini for reference to my scenery order which kooks fine to me. Thank you. scenery_packs.ini
  9. Is it possible for each Orbx product to have cumulative fixes? i.e. there is a fix for the Forth Bridge in TEGB North and a fix for Connel Bridge also in TEGB North. Why not just a cumulative fix for TEGB North that includes all fixes?
  10. You should not have to regularly reset your controls. I seem to remember that you should not use the CH Manager to calibrate because it can upset FSX. I also seem to remember that you just use the calibration settings program provided in FSX. Having said that at my age I seem to remember a lot (or not) so someone might care to comment.
  11. Be interesting to see how support will be from MSFS team or will they require the load to be carried by websites such as Orbx?
  12. Tenerife belongs to Spain but can hardly be called part of continental Europe so it is unlikely that any Europe scenery will cover Tenerife. That would be like expecting New Caledonia to be included in France scenery. As advised previously there are quite a few freeware sceneries available (not allowed to advertise here) but Google is your friend. As a new member because you have mentioned FSX I presume that is the simulation you are using. If you wish to stay with FSX then you will need (must) a decent mesh program (Pilots Mesh for FSX) which is payware but totally worth every penny for FSX
  13. Also, if you do not want to actually register as a rally participant, you still will be able to download all the ten flight plans and fly them at your leisure. thanks for your interest I would like to download the 10 flight plans without registering however cannot get anything when I click on World Rally 2020 in the website. Likely to be 99% my error but need some assistance getting the plans please.
  14. "MSFS shouldn't be too taxing. It's only one more key press than FSX and two less than P3D v4 and P3D v5, which most of us seem to be able to manage." Actually Nick it was you who recently pointed out the official full name to another member and I imagine you had a purpose behind that advice. I checked my post again and only see that I have referred to the full name which is 26 key presses and I also alluded to some alternative shorter abbreviations that we should not get too precious about. So I agree MSFS is a very useful abbreviation.
  15. Can we all not get too precious about the name. The official name Microsoft Flight Simulator can be a tad long to be typing. Microsoft Flight Simulator, FS2020, MFS, etc etc: it will be fairly obvious which simulator is being referred to when being discussed
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