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  1. Multiplayer simmers use these types of channels to do all the private chat and keeping aircraft radios free for official calls and communications with ATC etc. IMHO there are certain privacy issues that I do not like about Discord but that is my personal opinion only. My flying group still use Teamspeak.
  2. Try using the rudder/steering pedals in MSFS2020!! They barely work when taxiing however are way too sensitive when landing.
  3. Definitely "C" but I usually "walk away" so I take it as a good landing!!
  4. It has been some time since Tennyson left us so I hope it is not too soon to enquire as to the fate of his wonderful setup?
  5. If I understand correct (?) Volanta is an Orbx product and if that is the case why is support via Discord?
  6. AUD$614 (current rate) for a compass, wow!!!
  7. Hope I am not breaking rules for a non-flightsim related question but I have googled and cannot locate answer. I have just updated my Lenovo Android 10" Tablet and see this app FSKaren Bundle Edition. Does anybody know what it is and if it can be removed? Thank you. Dan
  8. Chumley mentioned the word "furphy" in his above comment. For the edumication of non-Australians I provide the following link to it's meaning and origin. Furphy
  9. Yes, as our towns and cities expand into their territory the mobs are getting more concentrated and even in the outer suburbs of Melbourne for instance it is not uncommon to hit a roo with ones car which can cause quite a lot of damage. My daughters Hyundai in fact is currently having the front left hand guard fixed from such an encounter. The roo in question was able to run off but I imagine is very sore.
  10. To all non-Australians, please read this humorous article with your tongue firmly planted in your cheeks. Meaning It must be noted that Mr Adams also wrote quite a bit of fiction. i.e. the phrase "Godszone" is more correctly used by our compatriots in New Zealand. I do agree however, never underestimate the usefulness of a stick.
  11. Yes the updates are consistent with their inconsistencies of experiences with various users.
  12. Orbxflyer is your installation on C:/ drive or another drive? and if so do you know if there is much data left over on C:/ from your original install?
  13. With a download speed of 95GB in 60 minutes it is of course very attractive to "just" do a fresh install. The average speed that we can get in Australia (unless one has fibre which most don't or pays an absolute premium for 100Mbps (mega bits) ) is about 50 mbps (mega bits) so full reinstall of 95GB PLUS the additional Premium Deluxe files approx 25GB makes a total download of approx 120GB so we are talking upwards of 20 hours which makes the fresh install unattractive. And with an install on a drive other than C:/ there is the issue of how many files will be left uninstalled on C; drive. So f
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