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  1. I flew a few South Africa missions with his GA group. If I remember correctly (???) he created scenarios like an automobile accident on the High way east of Cape Town where we had to land on the highway. Big loss to the community. Condolences to his family and friends...and I agree with Ripcord, the rest of you, please take care!
  2. Nasty weather and spot on with reality of weather in Melbourne this time of year.
  3. Rumour has it that he might get Knighted.....would be called Sir Thomas Moore!!!What a great effort from this great old fellow who I also believe is now 100 y/o. What an inspiration for all of us.
  4. Even if they do state what enhancements have been made not everyone has the enhancements which is why two screenies should be shown , one default and one with enhancements. A product should be shown as it "comes out of the box" so to speak. It's like selling a car with steel wheels but advertising it with mags.
  5. I understand that marketing dictates that sales images present a product at it's best but with so many enhancement products being available I think that a product should be advertised "out of the box" i.e. default sim as is. Maybe the marketing images should show two versions i.e. one using just the default simming program and one using all the marketing enhancements.
  6. Hi Jon Just looked at your suggested .ini file. You say that All Orbx True Earth addons need to go just under Global Airports not above however I notice that Orbx...Needles is above Global Airports?
  7. Nick, I got lost in your comment at "interesting"......
  8. Well done Benny, but do not become complacent. Like all drugs, it's never 100% out of your system. Even after 20 years off smokes sometimes after a nice meal or after having a couple of drinks I'll think to myself, just one......Just keep the money being saved to the forefront of your mind. Also imagine if you had Australian prices which I think are up to around AUD$35 - $40 (CAD$31) for a pack of 30's...and I have a married couple who both smoke at least one pack per day each and more on weekends!!!!
  9. I am pretty sure that John's post was partly tongue in cheek mate. Back on the subject, yes the fires were and continue to be devastating but the ozzie spirit is conquering all. With or without man made climate change debate, Mother Nature throughout history has had a habit of continually reminding us who is in charge of the planet and it is not us humans. But the tragedy of the drought and fires and now flooding continues to bring us together as a nation which is the silver lining on the cloud. USA is also now suffering great devastation from the climate and the "yanks" too have a great spirit and will endure. Us humans can rebuild but it is the animals that I feel sorry for the most and no, I am not a greenie "shudder" just a human with empathy for the other occupiers of our planet. PS: and please do not cancel your trips downunder, we are still open for business and there is still the other 98% of the country very safe to travel. Uluru is still standing, the coat hanger (Sydney harbour Bridge) is still standing, there are large areas of the country where the Kangaroo is still in plague numbers, so just come on down.
  10. In fact I read that some other teams on the mainland have tried to ban the Hawaiians from doing their Haka because they found it so intimidating;that's the point!!
  11. Please remember that creating scenery for X-Plane is effected by the limitations in the simulation program. Orbx and indeed all scenery creators are limited in what can be produced. I will have to check out this X-Enviro though.
  12. Ok, thanks for clarifying Nick. AusHappy have a look here. Baz's Scenery
  13. Was going to point to freeware for Australia but probably against the rules. When looking for any scenery Google (or any search engine) is your friend.
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