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  1. Well said and very succinct as usual. Totally agree Nick!
  2. My New Simpit Build

    All good Ron, I was not upset or anything like that, just confused. It's called getting old and senile Cheers Dan
  3. My New Simpit Build

    Hi Ron, just wondering why the "smiley" and "I did that one for you Rocky" comment? I know that a smiley is a good thing but do not understand the reason? Cheers Dan
  4. LOWI in home cockpit with 270 degrees sight

    How dare a Newbie to have a set up like that!!!!!!But seriously, great video and really nice cockpit; totally jealous. Perhaps some time you could provide some detail about how you obtained the shell and set it up? Also how is the projection system set up? Cheers Dan
  5. The passing of Monarch

    New Zealand cops even give you a lift home if you are drunk rather than complicate matters by taking you back to the cells to dry out. Also better than having to clean the cells!!!!
  6. My New Simpit Build

    Ron, ????????
  7. My New Simpit Build

    Looks really great mate and although not at the same level as Mr Tennyson's is definitely more achievable for the average pilot.
  8. Germany South Nürburgring.

    Stunning scenery as usual from Mr Emms. You guys should also check out Bathurst circuit in Australia available from Orbx. This is the best street type circuit in the world imho. No driving around in big ovals like the States (sorry guys but street type circuits beat circles and are way more entertaining).
  9. Recommendations For Learning Navigation

    So many pilots are now relying on GPS' and FMC's etc without which they would be lost. This is why I am seeking a copy of the FS4 manual (I think it is FS4 anyway??) It has an excellent section on navigation using VOR's, NDB's etc and a clock, yes a clock
  10. Recommendations For Learning Navigation

    Sort of on topic, has anyone still got a copy of the manual that came with FS4? It had a great navigation section.
  11. Made me laugh!

    It is said that apart from his obvious talent evident before his accident, his lack of legs actually gave him an advantage in tight turns because the blood did not leave his upper body.
  12. This has nothing to do with ORBX but.....

    Wishing all a speedy rebuild. Have been online with Active Sky in the effected regions and depiction is relatively accurate although wind speeds are I believe limited to 99kmh.
  13. Map of airports in England and France

    The .kmz files in Orbx (documents??) also helps identify Orbx airports.
  14. Made me laugh!

    to both anecdotes.....reminds me about the ship wrecked Italian sailor who declared a Mayday and was informed by civil guard that a Fokker Friendship was on the way...to which the sailor replied that he did not need your Fokker Friendship....he needed your Fokker Help.........(you have to read with a Italian/English accent)
  15. Suggestion for New Product -- ORBX HD Bridges

    Not to hijack a thread but while we are making suggestions I long for "Trainflow". I would love to see the Ghan on my flights from South Australia up to Darwin or the Rocky Mountains train USA/Canada.