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  1. In fact I read that some other teams on the mainland have tried to ban the Hawaiians from doing their Haka because they found it so intimidating;that's the point!!
  2. Please remember that creating scenery for X-Plane is effected by the limitations in the simulation program. Orbx and indeed all scenery creators are limited in what can be produced. I will have to check out this X-Enviro though.
  3. Ok, thanks for clarifying Nick. AusHappy have a look here. Baz's Scenery
  4. Was going to point to freeware for Australia but probably against the rules. When looking for any scenery Google (or any search engine) is your friend.
  5. I organise and publish VFR flights on Vatpac called World Discovery Flights every Wednesday night at 8.30pm AEDT (9.30Z) . The flights are no longer than 90 minutes including touch and goes at airfields. GA aircraft are used and type is dependant upon aircraft speed and distance to complete 90 minutes flight. Whilst VFR it, is also often necessary to utilize technology and use instruments. The flights are usually at about 4,500ft so I choose the location based upon interesting scenery, interesting facts i.e. in the near future we will fly the entire Route 66 spread over a number of nights of course. Currently we are flying in Lesotho, Africa due to it's mountainous terrain (a bit like PNG but little vegetation) and has challenging little airfields. So, that's how I choose the flights. On Friday and Sunday nights my mate Rusty organizes similar type flights however always in Oceania. We are a very friendly group, not too strict with flight jargon unless a pesky controller comes on. Most of us come from FSInn/CTAF days so the new developments in Audio for Vatsim are most exciting. We also use Vatpac Teamspeak Daily Focus room for our chat. Please come and join us.
  6. My Grandfather always said "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". IMHO you can never have too much memory. What is it you are trying to accomplish??
  7. Might be more productive to know the absolute upper end of your budget and work from there.
  8. I realise that this is a real life photo but these days one has to sometimes look twice to work it out. Just shows how far simulators have come!!
  9. I ride my wombat to the shops. Very cheap to feed as he eats roots shoots and leaves
  10. Just a comment when referring to speeds. Please use a small "b" for megabits and a capital "B" for megabytes. It makes a difference of 8 times. i.e. 380mbps is equivelant to 47MBps. I read so many posts that refer to speeds of 4/5mbps when they are meaning 4/5MBps. Also remember that you cannot download faster than the upload (in this universe anyway).
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