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  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. I like PayPal from the customer side, but some time back when I was a merchant with them for many years with no issues, they suddenly pulled the same stunt on me and locked the funds in my account. I don't recall the reason now, but it was unwarranted. I was furious, especially since, like you, it took a while to get them to unlock the account and my business was taking a hit because of it. Of course, there is no compensation for lost income/issues arising from their inappropriate actions. So after that, I ALWAYS removed my money from them every day to keep my balance with them low and made sure enough good alternatives were available just in case.
  2. Looking forward to this airport. I flew there from Islip (KISP) back in 1991 after just getting my private pilot license and KBID was still a grass strip. Spent the day at beautiful Crescent beach. That was a great day!
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