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  1. Ugh, I feel your pain. I like PayPal from the customer side, but some time back when I was a merchant with them for many years with no issues, they suddenly pulled the same stunt on me and locked the funds in my account. I don't recall the reason now, but it was unwarranted. I was furious, especially since, like you, it took a while to get them to unlock the account and my business was taking a hit because of it. Of course, there is no compensation for lost income/issues arising from their inappropriate actions. So after that, I ALWAYS removed my money from them every day to keep my balance with them low and made sure enough good alternatives were available just in case.
  2. Looking forward to this airport. I flew there from Islip (KISP) back in 1991 after just getting my private pilot license and KBID was still a grass strip. Spent the day at beautiful Crescent beach. That was a great day!
  3. Having the same issue. Windows 10, P3D 3.3.5, FTX Global and Vector, FTX Central 2, Lights Configurator installed and set, sitting at KPDX at night. Max autogen. No vector lights showing anywhere at all. Decided to try installing my PNW to see it makes a difference and it does. I now have vector lighting in the area.
  4. With SSD, it probably doesn't matter much anymore if you put everything on one drive. The read times are so fast. But just to go that extra hardcore mile in search of the holy grail of FSX smoothness, I've got my machine configured with separate SSD's for OS, FSX, and FS9. Things run very well. Sigh, but of course I'll be buying more ORBX products so I guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get that even bigger and better 256GB SSD drive I've been eying. Man, you guys are killing me! Hehe. And just think, a couple of years from now we'll all be saying "remember when we paid XX dollars for a XX GB SSD drive" Ain't technology great?!
  5. I just found that out the hard way today. My expensive SSD drive is running low on space so I uninstalled my working ORBX installation hoping to re-run the installer and put it all on a secondary drive I have. Come to find out there's no option to select which drive you wanted to put the files on, which is the first time I've ever seen this limitation in a Flightsim product. Took me a while to get everything back up and running properly. For performance reasons, I would think it's actually better to disperse heavy scenery onto another drive because you're taking advantage of the speed of two drives versus one. Particularly if they're SSD. And also because it's expensive (and painful) to copy everything over to another drive. Haven't explored "linking" yet in Windows but maybe that's a good solution. Which, BTW, reminds me I was also surprised to find no uninstaller. It was simple enough to uninstall, but took me a while to find the answer since it wasn't in the manuals but buried in the Forum FAQ. Regardless, this scenery is fabulous and I'm looking forward to hopefully coverage of all of the U.S. someday!
  6. Thanks Holger. You guys are just great! Many thanks for the insight. Tony
  7. Thanks Neil! I realized it was on a plateau, just didn't think the airport elevation was so obvious compared to the surrounding area. Looked like a mesh mismatch (a meshmash, hehe). I do recall reading about the AI issue, but it didn't quite seem to fit this situation. I'm attaching a couple more screenies. First two are with ORBX enabled and third without. If this is normal, then no big deal. Just making sure. Without ORBX enabled, just FSGenesis (and UTX/GEX), it seems to be more subtle and realistic looking. Turning on the ORBX scenery and it really seems to jump out. Loving this scenery. Just spectacular!
  8. I've been browsing for a while and there are a lot of plateau issues with KSEA, but none seem to quite match up with mine. I thought there was a conflict with my FSGenesis and ORBX scenery, so I did a clean install of FSX, and ORBX with SP3. That didn't fix it. I found after a clean FSX install, then adding REX, UTX, and GEX, but before ORBX, the area to the left of the departure end of RWY 34R sloped off gradually. This seems to be in-line with the photos I've seen. However, after installing NA Blue, the area to the left of runway 34R and just ahead of RWY 34C now drops off very steeply. Turning off ORBX corrects the issue. I looked for the KSEA adjustment file, but it doesn't seem to exist in my installation. It didn't exist in the previous install either. Just wondering if I missed a step somewhere.
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