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  1. vhgra

    Tasmanian Jaunt

    Like it John, a very good representation of that part of Tassie.
  2. Shaun, Wow over nine hours without a reply so such an easy answer. Link to the file I have... />http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5PBO2TUB Hope you can make use of the megaupload link. enjoy.
  3. vhgra

    Flying North

    All approved John, what a great job.
  4. vhgra

    Flying North

    Wow, what a strip John. Hope your wife is OK. Is the Airport at OZx yet?
  5. vhgra

    Overhead Cooly

    What a great shot JohnM. That a/c looks so good and that skin is one sharp paint. I think there's a problem with one of the engines but overall a superb effort.
  6. vhgra

    Norfolk Isle - photoreal

    Wow, those shots Alan2 are the best I've seen for a long time. And I believe one of the most downloaded sceneries from Oxz....and daren't I say free!! To JohnM, Ian and Robin well done and may there be more.
  7. vhgra

    Olympic Peninsula Glacier's

    Nice a/c, with those shades it look so realistic.
  8. vhgra

    Here and There

    Nice shots, I think you have caught the essence of the beauty of this land.
  9. vhgra

    South from YMER

    What a great set of shots John, love the clouds in the first two. And the water is realistic too.