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  1. Cool, no worries. I appreciate the feedback. It's not easy to have a discussion in this format! Like I say, love what you guys do for the flight sim community
  2. Hi Doug, Apologies for posting a suggestion into the wrong forum. I'm not looking for confrontation here but I'm starting to feel that this feels like a pile on from your side. I'm disappointed as a long standing customer of Orbx
  3. Hello Nick, Thanks for getting back to me. I understand that you have many products but my intention was to try and be helpful and reduce the number of duplicate support tickets you recieve as your website is broken down into categories, i.e under FSX/P3D into Global Range, Europe, North America, Oceania, Aircraft, Utilities. I found Jack's comment offensive, especially as I have been a long term Orbx customer and spent a lot of money on your great products.
  4. People like you truly make the world a better place Jack! I'm fully aware of the search function but for a casual user looking for support on a certain product it is easier to browse a sub-category rather than initiating a search that is dependent on getting a hit with search terms matching a post heading and content. Have a great day
  5. I'm running the latest version of EGNM downloaded via Orbx Central. I have Global and OpenLC Europe installed, along with Trees HD and Buildings HD. On approach to runway 32 in the FSLabs A320 I'm now getting FPS down to 15. I'm running a i9 9900k at 5ghz and a 2080Ti. My frames are locked at 30hz via Nvidia Control Panel with vsync on
  6. Hi, I really appreciate the products you folks make but you should really look to organise your support forums by Product rather than P3D version number. You release and support an increasing number of products and to lump everything in to a P3D version number makes searching for support almost impossible. For a little more admin time setting up subfolders by product under P3D versions I'm sure you would reduce the number of support tickets raised as people could browse issues by product easier and hence reduce the number of duplicate tickets raised.
  7. Hi, everytime I fly in the TE GB South region with Active Sky for XPlane running I get a CTD usually within 10 to 15 minutes, even with the default Cessna. If I don't run ASXP then all is ok but i do notice the occasional brief flashing of the scenery . However TE GB South is the only region I experience this CTD. If I fly in California with Ortho scenery and Active Sky running all is ok. Any thoughts on what might be happening will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! In terms of system I'm running an i9 9900k, 2080Ti and 32Gb of RAM
  8. Hi Vlad, thanks for your help. I did a complete reinstall, taking the opportunity to move across to Windows 7. The installation of FTX AU ran fine this time, no decompression errors and now the scenery is absolutely perfect! Thanks for all your help and for such a great product! Happy flying. Cheers, Rob
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for your help and suggestions, apologies if I sounded impatient/rude in my previous post I didn't mean to offend. I think you folks have made a fantastic product and I guess I'm a little to keen to sort out my little problem, so I'm sorry. I've downloaded and installed the latest Orbx Library but I'm still getting this scenery texture glitch where I see water, followed by blurry ground texture and random ground textures that interchange as you fly over them. This only occurs in small patches in the AU Gold region of the scenery. Last night I did some flights around the
  10. Ok so where is the support here as its supposed to be a support forum?
  11. Hi, I've captured a few more images south of Coff's Harbour of the problem - you can see that water tiles appear randomly in the scenery initially and as they get closer they load into out-of-focus ground scenery tiles. The in the distance further water tiles appear. I'm sure its not my graphics card as all other scenery runs fine. URL=http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshots/view.php?filename=301Scenery_Issue_4.jpg]
  12. Thanks Mark, I hope its not the graphics card, can't afford to replace it right now. I'm running a stock 285GTX and I've never overclocked it. The glitch in the screenshot above is always in the same place near YBBN, no matter what plane I'm flying at the time. If the graphics card was failing I'd expect to see more random issues. Also flying in other parts of the world such as Europe with GEX is causing no problems. Cheers Rob
  13. Screenshot of what the issue looks like near YBBN
  14. Hi, I'm running FTX AU SP4 with the latest Library installed and also Holgermesh. I've noticed on a flight between YPMQ and YBBN that I'm getting glitches with small patches of scenery tiles over land. When I switch to Spot view and raise the camera to look at the terrain close to the plane (at FL160) I can see small areas of water texture showing through. These patches flicker slowly between water texture and then land texture. In the distance these glitch areas appear as patches of blurry out of focus land textures. Another area where I see this all the time is to the South East of Runway 01
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